SORE THROAT “Starving wolves stand & fight” LP and “Never mind the napalm” LP, KANDARIVAS “Blood surgical death” LP, PUTREFACTION SETS IN “Repugnant inception of decomposing paroxysm” LP and FEAR OF GOD “s/t 21 song EP” Tape… OUT NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!

..and here we are at the official release date for what has been our umpteenth month focused on grind/noisecore, in perfect time with our schedule. Most pre-orders have already been shipped and you should have received tracking updates from our shipping service, a small part left will be sent in the next few days. Beware because the diehard colored vinyl versions are almost gone (approx. 10-20 copies of each left) and therefore if you haven’t already done so, we advise you to act fast if you want to secure them on your collection’s shelves, because they’ll soon run out

OK, we won’t dwell on long introductions, we just need to tell you that SORE THROAT “Starving wolves stand & fight” LP and “Never mind the napalm” LP, KANDARIVAS “Blood death surgical” LP, PUTREFACTION SETS IN “Repugnant inception of decomposing paroxysm” LP and FEAR OF GOD “s/t 21 song EP” Tape are out now on F.O.A.D. records. Keep an eye on our sites because next month there will be another 5 release blast again and as you well know we always close in December with a bang, so stay tuned!

More details on this month’s 5 records:

SORE THROAT “Starving wolves stand & fight” LP (F.O.A.D. 272)

The return of UK’s horrendous noise/hardcore disgrace after more than 3 decades! Back with a bang after a 33-year silence to provide an antidote to the sheeplike compliance of reactionary “revolutionaries” crying “not in my name” while simultaneously doing as their glorious leaders dictate, SORE THROAT has downed tools, picked up their instruments again, and decided to start a fight with every one of the suckers who got sucked in to the narrative. Written and recorded in one afternoon and delivering 21 brand new high velocity caustic hardcore attacks (and 1 long experimental toe tapper), “STARVING WOLVES STAND & FIGHT” is pressed on glorious 12 inches of non-vegan vinyl (Soon to be outlawed by Supreme leader Schwab) and comes with a full colour poster made from a tree. Better to be deafened by noise, than blinded by lies! Watch the trailer HERE


Solid black vinyl ltd to 350 copies

Diehard green vinyl ltd to 150 copies

Test pressing

SORE THROAT “Never mind the napalm” Gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 274)

..their classic third album back on vinyl after more than 3 decades in a restyled expanded version with extra contents! 81 tracks of system smashing, horrendous aural butchery from the undisputed lords of the most deafening cyder-wrecked noisecore punk ever conceived on British soil. Just like the original version, it starts off with the ultra-legendary “Death to capitalist Hardcore” 45 song EP (1988) and continues with 2 sessions recorded in 1989 showing them combine short detonating bursts with some solid HC ragers devoted to the Discharge/early Scandicore formula and also inevitably reminescent of DOOM, with whom ST shared 2 members. This special edition also adds their “Noise annoys” Demo 1988 and rare live tracks from 1987. Comes in a thick gatefold jacket with a 12″x12″ four page insert featuring extensive liner notes by Rich Militia. Watch the trailer HERE


Solid black vinyl ltd to 350 copies

Diehard blue vinyl ltd to 150 copies

Test pressing

KANDARIVAS “Blood surgical death” LP (F.O.A.D. 271)

“This album was created on the frontlines of the medical systems collapse fighting Covid-19”. After their debut smasher “Grind surgical shrine” and a few demos, singles and split releases, here’s the definitive consecration of this new grind revelation from Kanda, Tokyo! 13 tracks of punishing fierce grindcore combined with Japanese tribal/experimental breakdowns and the use of ancient traditional instruments, creating a unique psychotic sound all of its own. Founding guitarist/singer Tomoki works as a general thoracic surgeon and donated his own blood for the cover art of this album!! FOR THE FIRST TIME ON VINYL, with a special blood-drenched packaging including OBI strip (with a quote written by Ishiya Death Side/Forward), foldout insert and PVC sticker. Recommended if you also like Unholy Grave, Excreteass, Terrorizer and Macabre. Watch the trailer HERE


Solid black vinyl ltd to 200 copies

Diehard swirl blood red vinyl ltd to 100 copies

PUTREFACTION SETS IN “Repugnant inception of decomposing paroxysm” LP (F.O.A.D. 273) 

Debut full length of this old school pathological gore/grind surgeon squad formed by an international all star line-up of grindcore veterans!
Urban Skytt (Regurgitate, General Surgery, Nasum, Crematory), Anderson Oliveira (Expurgo), Philipe Belisário (Expurgo), Glenn Sykes (Regurgitate, General Surgery, Malformity) and André Luiz (Lymphatic Phlegm, Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, Offal).
if you enjoyed FOAD’s previous foray into forensic gore territories with the Sick Sinus Syndrome LP released some time ago, this one will make your day because it’s equally insane and rotten-to-the-core, enhanced by a pulpy, old fashioned production capturing the true essence and morbosity of the genre.  14 tracks of putrefactive gory grind in pure late 80’s to early 90’s tradition, for fans of early Carcass, Dead Infection and Regurgitate!!Comes with lyrics insert and A2 poster. Watch the trailer HERE


Solid black vinyl ltd to 250 copies

Diehard putrid deliquescent splatter vinyl limited to 150 copies

FEAR OF GOD “s/t 21 song EP” Tape  (F.O.A.D. on tape #23)

Almost 35 years ago this milestone of sheer brutality was originally released on 7″ by Temple Of Love Records and now it’s back in stock for the first time on cassette tape, limited to 100 pieces. Call it Noisecore, Grind, whatthefuckcore..  this 21 track destroyer still stands as one of the best records ever conceived in the history of extreme music. Peak brutality – still unmatched.   “This 21-track EP is essential in whatever form you stumble across it. The short-lived (1986-1988), much hyped and oft-bootlegged Swiss outfit, as enigmatic and distant as the cold, dissonant bursts imprisoned on this EP, blended early Napalm Death, Swans and something indescribable of their own to create an achingly raw and wordless primal scream” (Terrorizer Mag, UK – “Essential Grindcore albums – Europe”).  Since the original vinyl press was on clear wax, this cassette is clear too, and it comes with a foldout 4 panel jcard printed on both sides with lyrics and original art. Watch the trailer HERE

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