F.O.A.D. on tape #21 – WEHRMACHT “the complete beer-soaked collection”

A stunning 6 x tape set housed in a thick black cardboard box all rounded with stickers, hand numbered and strictly limited to 200 units… plus a “shark rider” bandana (blue print on black) as bonus! All the existing recordings (1985 to 1989) of this pioneering ultra-fast Thrashcore band, a dream to come true for every die-hard fan of these speed psychos and for all you maniacs of seminal Hardcore / Thrash / Crossover from its golden age. Over 100 songs of the fastest and most deranged shark endorsed US Thrash, scrupulously mastered at the highly rated Toxic Basement Studios from the best sounding sources existing, provided by band members and friends.


F.O.A.D. on tape #20 – V.A. “DIS-CASSETTES”

A dream for every Swedish Hardcore/Punk enthusiast!!  This is a high quality replica of the complete “Dis-cassettes” discography 1983-1985 in a wonderful set of 8 pro-made tapes including all the original covers, booklets + extra liner notes and infos. It comes in a white cardboard boxset with 5 stickers on.


F.O.A.D. on tape #18 – CRIPPLE BASTARDS “demo 1989”

CRIPPLE BASTARDS’ 25 song Demotape 1989 was never properly released until now, back when it was recorded they used to share it among friends including a flyer and song titles hand-written on the back. No more than 30 copies were given away in 1989, it was later re-issued on the “Best crimes” and “Age of vandalism” anthologies. This is the first official pro-copied cassette edition on F.O.A.D. Records, including original art and photos from the very early days when they were still a 2-piece Noisecore commando. 25 bursts of short fast and aggressive HC/Noise, influenced by 7MON, Rapt, Lärm, Sore Throat and stuff like that. Limited edition of 100 copies.


F.O.A.D. on tape #17 – CRIPPLE BASTARDS “nero in metastasi”

Cassette version on FOAD Records licensed by Relapse, ltd to 100 copies. J-card with foldout insert including all lyrics in Italian and English. Italy’s undisputed masters of merciless hate drenched Grindcore come back with their 5th full length (6th if you count in the all-covers album “Frammenti di vita”), their first on Relapse Records. 18 songs of cancer-tinged negativity exploding through breakneck fast Hardcore bursts, devastating blast beats and an incredible riffing parade. Their best sounding production so far and easily their most destructive release!


F.O.A.D. on tape #16 – v.a. ROVINA HARDCORE “Live 1981/1985”

Official reissue of the legendary tape that came out back in 1995. 44 Italian Hardcore/Punk bands from the golden “Furious years” recorded live between 1981 and 1985. Most of the stuff collected is taken from rare masters and 1st generation sources. This F.O.A.D. Records’ reissue is dubbed from the original reel and comes with the same cover/sleeve as back then. 90 minutes of raging chaos capturing the unique atmosphere of the early Italian HC shows, all the classic bands are in.. just to mention a few: PEGGIO PUNX, UNDERAGE, KINA, ROUGH, C.C.M., BLUE VOMIT, IMPACT, RAF PUNK, DECLINO, RAW POWER, NABAT, NEGAZIONE and tons more. Includes extensive liner notes (in italian) by Helena Velena (RAF PUNK and Attack Punk Records).


F.O.A.D. on tape #15 – PEGGIO PUNX “primi rumori + live 1982 / 1991″

Complete collection of the band’s early Demos and live material with the first two singers (Mauro and Valerio) + Live in Fiorenzuola 1983, Bergamo 1985 and different shows in Alessandria from 1982 to 1991. 43 songs in 90 minutes. All the stuff here is not included in their “30 anni di rumori” double CD discography. Available only inside the limited edition boxset (250 copies).


F.O.A.D. on tape #14 – PEGGIO PUNX “live in Milano, Virus + Leoncavallo. 1983-1989”

Complete collection of all the band’s existing live material from their ’80s shows in Milano’s legendary Virus squat and Leoncavallo. This is hands down the fastest and most HC oriented stuff you’ll ever hear from PP, and none of these sessions has been included in their “30 anni di rumori” double CD discography. 34 songs recorded from 1983 to 1989. Available only inside the limited edition boxset (250 copies).


F.O.A.D. on tape #13 – NIGHT OF THE SPEED DEMONS Part. 6 “compilation tape”

Ultra-limited, hand numbered comp. tape given for free with the first 50 tickets sold at the “Night Of The Speed Demons Pt. 6” Festival in Milano. Bands included:  BLUE VOMIT, CRASH BOX, ATROX, WARFARE, THE SPIRITS, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, MOMBU feat. Giulio The Bastard, ARTURO, GREEDY MISTRESS and TORMENT. Most songs are new or unreleased versions.  C-60 with stickers and full colored cover.


F.O.A.D. on tape #12 – RAW POWER “demo 1983”

CLASSIC FURIOUS ITALIAN HARDCORE! An incredible repro of RAW POWER’s Demotape 1983 coming in vintage blue pro-copied cassettes with green sticker up and printed foldout cover. This tape is the exact replica of the first pressing of the Demo as it came out in Italy in 1983: same tracklist (that differs from the latter BCT edition) and the original foldout cover/sheet the band had put together for it but that was never used.


F.O.A.D. on tape #11 – CRIPPLE BASTARDS “negativity”

Stunning repro of CB’s rarest tape, originally released as a promo and shipped to less tha 100 labels and fanzines around those years, becoming a really hard to find and sought after noise/grind gem.  44 SONG MONSTRUOUS FAST AND AGGRESSIVE MANIC ITALIAN GRIND/HATECORE NIHILISM AT THE ROOTS OF ITS ANTI-EVERYTHING EXPRESSION. Stuff ranging from 1996 to 1998.


F.O.A.D. on tape #10 – CRIPPLE BASTARDS “from ’88 to ’91”

Amazing replica of the early 90s original CB Demotape repackaged by F.O.A.D. Records. Same two sided A4 insert and 3 panel J-card. An infamous collection of very early CB stuff, 341 songs in 90 minutes.  An unbelievable bloodbath of lo-fi rawness going from thrashing Punk/Grind to the pure Noisecore nihilism of the ’90-’91 CB extremization.