SS-20 “Secta suicida siglo 20” LP, SS-20 “Ojos infantiles” LP, SS-20 “Cadaver exquisito” LP, ATAVISTIC “Retrospective: from within to clear-cut conscience” 2xLP and SIEGE “Drop dead – Complete discography” gatefold 2xLP…out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

Finally it’s time to unleash the last batch of F.O.A.D. releases for 2023. In the past twelve months we managed to put out 52 RELEASES (44 on vinyl, 3 on CD, 4 on MC and 1 book)!!! This is our all-time highest result, exceeding by far all our expectations. We look forward to the next year as a chance to improve ourselves and set the bar higher, even if it will surely be a very difficult goal, considering the insane pace we kept! Now back to the records…
As told before, this month was totally dedicated to some hardcore classics. We got into the most dangerous streets of DF, Mexico, to resurrect the complete recordings of SS-20, one of the most iconic and genuine female fronted Latin American bands ever, channeled into three LPs filled with raw, noisy and snotty punk hardcore. Then we got into ultra-fast territories with Atavistic, an often forgotten Britcore gem, with a double LP set which gathers their early recordings, a full throttle blasting galore of British brutality. Last but not least, we released a new version of Siege discography. There is not much to say
about this.. one of the most reverred and important extreme records of all time, the list of bands influenced by them is endless. The definition of “classic”.

All pre-orders have been sent out (along with tracking-numbers notifications), we are just finishing the last wholesale orders. As always we want to sincerely thank those who have continued to support us
through the years and also those who have recently approached our label, those who have helped us by providing useful material, contacts or even simply constructive advice. And of course all the bands past and present who let us release their music!

Now more detail on each of this month’s releases….:

SS-20 – “Secta suicida siglo 20” LP, “Ojos infantiles” LP, “Cadaver exquisito” LP

The complete discography of this cult female-fronted Mexican chaos punk band spread across 3 LP’s including their entire discography enriched by unreleased material and extremely rare sessions… Mastered from Zappa Punk’s personal cassette archives after a complex restoration process that took years! Raging, crude hardcore punk from the toughest streets of D.F. in the ’80s.. Each LP comes with a fanzine styled booklet with biographical details, photos, Zappa’s drawings and scans of the original releases.
Limited bundle to get the 3x diehard editions of each:

SS-20 “Secta suicida siglo 20” LP(F.O.A.D. 301)

Official reissue of their only 12″ originally self-released in 1989 with 13 bonus tracks taken from early rehearsals ’86/87 and from the legendary live compilation “Punks muertos” (1987). Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard color-in-color vinyl (red into bone white) limited to 150 copies

SS-20 “Ojos infantiles” LP (F.O.A.D. 302)

One of the greatest demotapes in the history of Mexican punk, for the first time on vinyl in its most complete, best sounding version, with 4 bonus out-takes from the same session.
Ultra-raw, brutal hardcore powered by genuine anger and DIY street punk attitude. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard color-in-color vinyl (green into clear yellow) limited to 150 copies

SS-20 “Cadaver exquisito” LP (F.O.A.D. 303)

Official reissue of their 1987 demotape for the first time on vinyl, adding an alternate version of “Punks muertos” and 4 tracks recorded live in San Luis Potosì.
Sloppy, chaotic filthcore punk attack! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard color-in-color vinyl (black into red) limited to 150 copies

ATAVISTIC “Retrospective – From within to clear-cut conscience” 2xLP (F.O.A.D. 323)

Complete recordings 1985-1989 of these criminally underrated, blasting fast UK hardcore maniacs! 26 SONGS, collecting the following works:
– the legendary “From within” demo for the first time on vinyl, mastered from the band’s 1st generation tape as you’ve never heard it before!
– unreleased demo 1985
– Life during wartime 7″
– Equilibrium 7″
– complete compilation tracks 1987-1989
Ripping fast, full throttle hardcore from the highly influential 80’s “Britcore” scene that gave birth to speed obsessed thrash classics such as Electro Hippies, Ripcord, Heresy, Intense Degree, Unseen Terror, Satanic Malfunctions and countless more!
Double LP with 24 page horizontal book including liner notes, scans of the original releases, inserts, complete “From within” booklet, photos and more.. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

Diehard marbled grey vinyl limited to 100 copies

SIEGE “Drop dead – Complete discography” gatefold 2xLP **NEW EDITION!**(F.O.A.D. 171)

New edition including an unreleased version of “Grim reaper” (2022) featuring Ben/Dropdead on guitar!
Not many words needed to introduce SIEGE: they’re the undisputed generators of all hyper-speed Hardcore, Grindcore and blasting fast Thrash and have massively influenced a world of maniacs bringing musical extremities to the most outraegous boundaries, the first most obvious example being Napalm Death that mentioned them as an inspiration since the “Scum” era and covered “Walls” on their legendary Mick-Shane-Bill-Lee times Peel Sessions, or Heresy that covered “Conform” and the list goes on forever! In the early ’80s SIEGE paved their way into the violent Boston Hardcore scene delivering the fastest and most furious Hardcore ever heard.  This double LP collection is thedefinitive, most complete discography to date, consisting of:
– “Drop dead” studio session 1984
– “Cleanse the bacteria” tracks 1984
– Out takes from the original 1984 studio session
– Lost session 1991 with Seth Putnam on vocals
– UNRELEASED version of “Grim reaper” (2022) different from the one included in the previous F.O.A.D. version (2019)
All remastered for vinyl from the best audio sources in existence. Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with red hot foil stamp logo on the front and 3D UV spot lac print + expanded booklet with rare and never seen before photos, lyrics, original artworks. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard silver/red vinyl with black splattering limited to 150 copies

Anything else to say?