ROSENFELD “Pigs of the empire” Gatefold 2xLP, WARHEAD “Kono omoi o doko e…” LP, SABAZZ “The intolerable absence of evil” LP, VOIDD “Final black fate – complete recordings 1990/1992” 2xLP+CD and HATE BEYOND “Strangled existence” LP: preorders start NOW!!

So where are we going this month? If in February we delighted you with an international selection of metal (in its various branches), this time we focus everything on one country… the cities may vary: Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Nagoya but you’ve already understood that once again our battleship drops anchor on Japan for yet another all-out-heavy-artillery THRASH assault… Thrash in its various meanings fluctuating from metal to punk: in fact in the all Japanese royal flush that we have brewed this time you’ll find a colossal hardcore classic, the debut full length of the legend that is Kyoto’s WARHEAD reaching its 30th anniversary edition, and also with HC references we’ve got VOIDD who even if at their origins (i.e. the material collected in the anthology that we’re about to introduce) were dedicated to the wildest death thrashin’ metal, over time they’ve taken a more punk and sometimes even psychobilly edge, and what to say about SABAZZ, a band backed by a stellar line-up that sees Hiko from GAUZE on drums and Tomio from JUNTESS and CROW on guitar, and HATE BEYOND with Warzy of the thrash-core psychos INZEST (remember their discography LP that we did few years back?) on guitar. HATE BEYOND that come as the only geographical exception because they’re not completely Japanese but trespass on three continents: French singer and drummer, guitarist from Osaka and American bassist (among other things of EXHORDER fame!). But at the end of the whole talk, this month’s highlight is a metal classic in a power/speed japanese way to thrash, another dream come true here at the F.O.A.D. headquarters: none other than ROSENFELD “Pigs of the empire”, for the first time on vinyl (and never reissued in general for almost 30 years) in a deluxe double LP version made with the utmost LOVE and dedication!!

So to sum up, another incredible F.O.A.D. month: ROSENFELD “Pigs of the empire” Gatefold 2xLP, WARHEAD “Kono omoi o doko e…” LP, SABAZZ “The intolerable absence of evil” LP, VOIDD “Final black fate – complete recordings 1990/1992” 2xLP+CD and HATE BEYOND “Strangled existence” LP – they’re all available for pre-order via! The expected release date is March 20th and as usual we will do our best to meet the deadlines. And… we’ll never get bored of repeating that the diehard versions will run out very quickly, be careful because there are two different splatter editions of ROSENFELD, when we released their “Demo 1991” LP they’ve been wiped away in the blink of an eye, so don’t sleep on it! And to top it off be aware that next month if everything goes smoothly according to our manic schedule, we will change course, genre and country and once again there’ll be some breathe-taking surprises!!

Now to go into more detail on this month’s 5x thrash bigwigs:

ROSENFELD “Pigs of the empire” Gatefold 2xLP  (F.O.A.D. 287)

OSAKA THRASH METAL LEGENDS SINCE 1986! The longly awaited reissue of their iconic debut full-legth “Pigs of the empire” (1991) a cult classic of Japanese metal, to date only released on a rare CD version unavailable for nearly 30 years.. now for the first time on vinyl in its best sounding version ever, carefully remastered and pressed as a double LP to maximize sound and enhance the power of the original recording.. An ageless pillar of pure speed thrashing force with a metal/punk backbone.. fast, powerful and extremely intense, ROSENFELD’s style is a splendid burst of memorable riffs, hyper-tight drumming and high pitched screams from their frontman Hisayoshi that also sung on AION’s monolithic “Deathrash Bound” album!  Housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket with hot foil green logo and 22”x11” foldout insert including rare photos, lyrics and band history (in Japanese). Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 700 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl version 1:  black on red. Limited to 150 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl version 2: red on yellow. Limited to 150 copies

WARHEAD “Kono omoi o doko e…” LP (F.O.A.D. 298)

30th anniversary edition of this absolutely mandatory Japanese Hardcore classic originally released in 1993 on CD by Blood Sucker Records and only reissued once as part of a compilation of different sessions, now for the first time on vinyl as a standalone release, specially mastered for vinyl and cut at 45rpm for the loudest sonic impact. This legend from Kyoto has been active for more than 4 decades delivering the most raging, inner-flame burning hardcore punk with the strongest screaming energy and attitude. LP with OBI strip + A2 poster including never seen before photos of that era and the original artwork by Sugi in full size! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard mixed red/black vinyl limited to 150 copies

SABAZZ “The intolerable absence of evil” LP (F.O.A.D. 294)

Furious raw thrash with an outstanding line-up featuring Hiko (GAUZE) on drums and Tomio (JUNTESS, CROW) on guitar!  Their debut full length (2000) originally released on CD only by Handa&Company now for the first time on vinyl, completely remastered. Formed in the early ’90s by Tomio (JUNTESS, CROW), Hiko (GAUZE) and Akiyama (POISON ARTS), SABAZZ is a blistering Thrash unit delivering fast and aggressive tunes with scorching riffs, rabid vocals and a solid drumming assault, think of a mix of Slayer, Ratos De Porao and of course a touch of Japanese HC! Before their two albums they also took part to cult compilations such as “Thrash Sanctuary” (MCR), “Sword of thrash 6 – Morrow”, “Sword of death to thrash III” and more… LP with OBI strip and 11″x22″ foldout insert with photos and lyrics. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl (white on sea blue) limited to 150 copies

VOIDD “Final black fate – complete recordings 1990/1992” 2xLP+CD (F.O.A.D. 296)

Death thrashin’ bloodshed in its most ruthless form! Originally spawned in Nagoya in 1989, VOIDD started their path delivering an aggressive clash of old school death metal and brutal thrashcore. The band later changed to a different musical direction, the material collected here shows their raw and aggressive roots. This ultra-exhaustive anthology compiles all their recordings from the early times, 1990 to 1992:
– first 3 demos (with unreleased bonus tracks) / – a completely unreleased session from 1991 / – bonus CD with rare rehearsal/demo 1989
This Double LP+CD is the definitive and final VOIDD early days’ discography, all sourced from the band’s 1st generation tapes and specially mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio, made to contrast the previous poor quality incomplete LP on Zzooouhh Records taken from a CD. Just like all the other FOAD releases, it also includes an extensive booklet (20 pages) with original artworks, scans of the tapes and many photos from that era. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies

Diehard blue vinyl limited to 100 copies

HATE BEYOND “Strangled existence” LP (F.O.A.D. 286)

TOTAL THRASH BOMBING! Formed in 2001 in Osaka, Japan, HATE BEYOND is a blazing ultra technical thrash unit with an international line-up (Japan/USA/France) consisiting of: WARZY (of the veteran thrash-core legends INZEST) – guitar, JORGE CACEIDO (EXHORDER) – bass, MAX DUCAT (DEADLY WHISPERS) – drums and MORENO GROSSO (NO RETURN) – vocals… “Strangled existence” is their 6th studio album and their first effort pressed on vinyl LP! Bone crushing, viciously intense Thrash Metal with katana claws riffing mastery, lethal fast drumming and caustic vocals… LP with Japanese OBI strip and 11”x22” foldout insert with lyrics and band photos. Watch the trailer HERE

Limited to 300 copies, all on marbled red vinyl

Anything else to say?