INDIGESTI “Sguardo realtà 1982-1983” 2xLP, CONTROPOTERE “É arrivato Ah Pook” LP, SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS “”What the hell – complete recordings 1982-1986” 2xLP+CD, NERORGASMO “Passione nera: discografia 1985-1993” 2xLP (4th pressing) out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

Another incredible all-hardcore F.O.A.D. assault in the books! A fantastic match made up of 3 classic 80’s Italian hardcore punk bands + 1 from Long Island, New York…. INDIGESTI, CONTROPOTERE, NERORGASMO and SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS.
We want to thank the countless maniacs who preordered them and those who expressed positive feelings towards our effort. This time we won’t get lost in long introductions because the most has already been said in the previous post.. to cut it short: in perfect timing with what was announced INDIGESTI “Sguardo realtà 1982-1983” 2xLP, CONTROPOTERE “É arrivato Ah Pook” LP, SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS “”What the hell – complete recordings 1982-1986” 2xLP+CD, NERORGASMO “Passione nera: discografia 1985-1993” 2xLP (4th pressing)are out now on F.O.A.D. Records.

All pre-orders have already been sent and almost all of our main distributors have large stocks of these titles on the way, so you know where to find them! If you haven’t already secured the colored/splattered diehard versions to your collection, we strongly recommend you to act fast because there are quite a few left at , they will sell out quickly. This said, next month we’ll completely change course, moving on to something way more extreme and ear-splitting… if you look at past years, focusing November on the most annihilating sonic atrocities is a bit of a recurring tradition… you’ll see! Stay tuned for new trailers and updates.

More details on this month’s 4 releases:

Now to the detailed description of each release:

INDIGESTI “Sguardo realtà 1982-1983” Gatefold 2xLP with 2 booklets! (F..O.A.D. 309)

Another dream-come-true on F.O.A.D.! Indigesti, the roots of Italian hardcore, one of the most iconic and original bands out of Italy’s furious punk scene of the ’80s. This double LP anthology is the ultimate, most comprehensive collection of the band’s early recordings compiling their “Sguardo realtà” demo sessions (1982-83), split 7″ with Wretched (1982), studio outtakes + a full bonus LP of mostly never-before-heard recordings (1982-1983) some even featuring members of Wretched and Crash Box. One session ends with Daniele (before joining Wretched) jamming some new riffs that would later end on “Libero di vivere, libero di morire” even if they were originally written for Indigesti.. All restored and mastered straight from 1/4″ reels and archival tapes of the band that have never seen the light of day until now.. 63 SONGS of rapid, powerful HARDCORE! Gatefold jacket with 2 thick booklets (40 PAGES IN TOTAL!) filled to the brim with photos, fanzine articles, flyers, scans of the original tapes and an extensive interviews to two band members in both Italian and English… Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard clear vinyl with green and black splattering, limited to 200 copies

Diehard green vinyl with white splattering, limited to 200 copies

Solid black vinyl, limited to 600 copies

CONTROPOTERE “É arrivato Ah Pook” Gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 318)

Official reissue of CONTROPOTERE’s iconic debut demotape (1986) for the first time on vinyl, transferred from the original studio reels and specially remastered and cut at 45rpm for the loudest sonic impact. Intense and highly original hardcore based in Napoli, combining the furious energy of the first wave of Italian HC punk with visionary vibes, a great musicianship and the incredible voice of Lucia, partly pioneering the choice of sound that bands like Nausea NYC would consolidate years later, generating much wider popularity.
Housed in a thick gatefold jacket with 24 PAGE BOOKLET featuring a stunning selection of original drawings from the early days, lyrics and photos. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard bone white marble vinyl, limited to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl, limited to 250

SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS “What the hell” Gatefold 2xLP+CD (F.O.A.D. 297)

After Insanity Defense and Fatal Vision this is the 3rd chapter, in F.O.A.D.’s mission to reissue the entire Unsound Music catalog on vinyl. LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK HARDCORE! Complete SC recordings 1982-1986 for the first time on vinyl, showing the band’s progression from rabid, frantic 2-chords HC to a more evolved, bizarre yet explosive approach.
DOUBLE LP (45 tracks!) with:
– “Created in your image” Demo 1982
– “Bark twice for freedom” Demo 1984
– “Hell is for hippies” Demo 1986
BONUS CD (30 tracks!) with ultra-rare demos:
– “That annoying static cling”
– “Ass backwards”
…both never released in any format up to now. These two bonus sessions on CD are both rough home-recordings and unearth an embryonic stage of the band, that will definitely make your day if you’re into ultra-sloppy stuff like Psycho Sin and Crab Society North!
Gatefold jacket with 16 page fanzine styled booklet including lyrics, photos and original artworks. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard transparent yellow vinyl, limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl, limited to 200

NERORGASMO  “Passione nera: Discografia 1985-1993” Gatefold 2xLP  (F.O.A.D. 046)

New edition (4th pressing) of this timeless Italian dark punk masterpiece, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with 28 page 12″x12″ book full of stunning drawings by Luca Abort, photos, liner notes and lyrics.. One of the most essential discographies in the whole history of Italian Punk! NERORGASMO, the blackest and most sincere face of Torino’s Dark/Punk nihilism in the ’80s and early ’90s, the true sound of urban decadence in the city that generated some of the most active and creative Hardcore Punk acts back in the “furious years”..  This double LP is a complete collection of their recorded material, 44 SONGS including:
– the first legendary EP (1985)
– s/t 1993 album remastered from the studio DAT
– 9 studio tracks (1987) that have been only included in the F.O.A.D. reissues
– a great selection of live recordings 1986-1993
The perfect crossover between the darkest Punk and that Death Rock vein that made their name so unique and appreciated far beyond the standard of the 80’s Italian HC maniacs and collectors. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (black splattering on white), limited to 150

Solid black vinyl, limited to 350

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