HUMAN GAS “Super Violence Hardcore 1984-1989″ Boxset, HUMAN GAS / STALI NISM split 7”, v.a. “ESTAMOS EN LA SIMA – 1989” 2xLP, WRONG BOYS “Il suono é distruzione 1982-1984” LP, DISARMO TOTALE “1982/1983” LP… preorders START NOW!!!

So, this month’s release schedule on F.O.A.D. is over all the imaginable limits of mental insanity. 5 releases, an annihilating cyclone of ’80s Hardcore of the fiercest kind, respectively from Japan, Colombia and Italy. Each of these records has a story of passion, researches and even an incredible travel to the other side of the world, as in the case of HUMAN GAS. Everything that is coming out this month represents for us dreams come true, and for this reason we have focused all our enthusiasm and energy into it… as diehard maniacs of these recordings, it was essential to bring them back to light in the highest form, brutality and attention for details. So it’s time to unleash the madness: HUMAN GASSuper Violence Hardcore 1984-1989” Boxset (Double LP + CD + DVD + book + extra casewrapped box), total discography of this mythological Hokkaidō Hardcore unit, the official reissue of HUMAN GAS / STALI NISM split 7″, probably the rarest Japanese HC 7″ of all the times, v.a. “ESTAMOS EN LA SIMA (1989)” 2xLP, one of the greatest Colombian Hardcore/Punk/Noise compilations for the very first time on vinyl, with 7 raging bands such as ATAQUE DE SONIDO, CRIMEN IMPUNE, DISKORDIA, BASTARDOS SIN NOMBRE, HERPES, DEXKONCIERTO, HP/HC… and then moving to our well tested territory aka the furious Italian Hardcore from the wid bunch days: WRONG BOYSIl suono é distruzione 1982-1984” LP and DISARMO TOTALE1982/1983” LP, two incredible lost and found gems of the rawest and most genuine Italo-core nihilism. Scroll down for extensive reviews to each one of these releases!

Some important things to add: our temptative release date for all these is September 25, please be patient, unexpected after-Covid delays from the pressing plant still may occour. As usual there are ltd. diehard editions for each title, as you’ll notice we increased the quantity of the Human Gas boxset from our usual standards, but anyway you need to act fast.

** NOTE – US CUSTOMERS ONLY **  : the exclusive distribution in the USA for all the versions of the HUMAN GAS boxset is exclusively handled by Radiation/Puke’n’Vomit, please order directly from them for domestic postage rates.

More in detail about each release:

HUMAN GAS / STALI NISM Split 7″  (F.O.A.D. 209)

Official reissue of  the rarest Japanese Hardcore/Punk 7″ of the ’80s, a true holy grail in every collector’s dreams. The existence of this record has been doubted for years and for some time it has even been removed from Discogs because nobody had evidence of its existence, until a connection with the band members was found. Originally released by the band in 1985, less than 100 copies were pressed and only handed to local friends in the Honbetsu/Obihiro area. What you get here is a pristine replica of the original with the audio sourced from the 1/4″ master reels, same artwork-sleeve, same inserts included. A real treasure from two of the most osbscure and violent Hokkaido Punk units. Human Gas attack with their angry and distorted Hardcore, with early versions of their classic rippers “Poison” and “Question“, Stali Nism, as the name suggests – were mostly influenced by The Stalin and deliver an equally energetic and fast Punk, filled with sincere intensity. Limited to 500 copies, all on black vinyl.  Watch the trailer HERE


HUMAN GAS “Super Violence Hardcore 1984-1989” Boxset (F.O.A.D. 210)

Double LP + CD + DVD + book + extra casewrapped box. A work of love and dedication, the result of an incredible journey from the F.O.A.D. headquarters to a remote country-town in the middle of the Hokkaidō island, northern Japan, to meet the band members and put together the most exhaustive collection of all their available recordings, spanning from 1985 to 1987.  Here you get the ultra-complete discography of HUMAN GAS, including a lot of unreleased material… Musically, this is some of the rawest and most violent Hardcore ever spawned from the darkest lairs of the ’80s Japanese underground. Tracks from the split 7″ with Stali Nism (1985), “Noice and Hardcore” 1st Demo (1986), “Explosives” 2nd Demo (1986), tracks from “Street Punk in Obihiro” Omnibus tape (1986), “Lack luster” 3rd Demo + extra studio songs (1987), unreleased studio jam session with members of Human Gas + Stali Nism + Middle Class (1987).

Plus there’s an extra CD with a soundboard live take from 1986 that sounds killer, assorted live recordings 1986-1987 and an instrumental version of their cult Demo “Explosives“. And to complete the massacre, you’ll also find a DVD with two complete live sets (their only gig in Sapporo, “Bessie Hall“, 1987 and one in Obihiro’s “Rocking Hall“, 1987) showing these raging maniacs in action. 79 TRACKS!! All this mastered from 1st generation sources provided by the band, transferred and restored with total care and attention to detail at Toxic Basement Studio. Trifold jacket housed in a casewrapped outer boxset, 24 page full colored booklet with loads of rare photos, flyers, memorabilia and some brief liner notes put together talking with the band members. Named after a Kuro song, Human Gas were the most destructive and iconic Northern Japan’s answer to the noisy and violent Noise/Punk scene that was growing in the opposite side of the country with bands like Gai, Confuse and Kuro themselves!

Add the fact that their songs were more structured, solid and as the title of this anthology suggests: violent. The Hokkaidō area is definitely one of the most fascinating and mysterious when it comes to early pioneers of the Japanese Hardcore panorama… L.S.D., 畜生, Slang, Tranquillizer, Deef, , F.U.P., Gaizin, Napalm, Noise-Decay and many more were all based there. Human Gas still stands as one of the most respected names for their genuine anger and the highly original and influential musical approach. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 3 different versions:

Diehard red vinyl with black splattering ltd. to 250 copies

Diehard half red / half crystal clear vinyl with white splattering ltd. to 250 copies

Solid black vinyl ltd to 500 copies


v.a. “ESTAMOS EN LA SIMA (1989)” 2xLP Gatefold  (F.O.A.D. 194)

Quoting the liner notes included in this record: “This recording was made in 1989, in the basement of Alejandro Restrepo’s house (Ex-Tenebrarum), in a neighborhood called “Niquía de Bello” in the suburbs of Medellin, Colombia. […] We hope that this new edition helps to reflect the history of blood and noise we lived back then.” That’s exactly the point: a history of blood and noise portrayed by some of the most angerful and violent realities from the South American underground of the ’80s. What we have here is one of the greatest Colombian Hardcore compilations, right there with “La ciudad podrida” and “Rodrigo D. no futuro“, for the very first time on vinyl getting the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment. ATAQUE DE SONIDO, CRIMEN IMPUNE, DISKORDIA, BASTARDOS SIN NOMBRE, HERPES, DEXKONCIERTO, HP/HC…  7 bands ranging from Noisecore/Punk to classic LatinoAmerican Hardcore and even Grindcore in the case of HERPES, all of them characterized by an incredible amount of rawness and uncompromised fury.

Compiled under direct supervision of the people that put this project together back then, audio restored and mastered from the best sounding sources in existence, from a selection of 5 different first generation tapes that were used to dub copies of the original version. Unreleased bonus tracks on the HP/HC side. Gatefold sleeve, a stunning 20 page full colored booklet with a wide selection of photos and flyers of each band, liner notes. 180 gram vinyl! If you’re into South American Punk/Hardcore at the crudest form, this is a mandatory add on to your collection! All copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard swirl blue to purple vinyl, ltd. to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl, ltd. to 350 copies


WRONG BOYS “Il suono é distruzione 1982-1984” LP (F.O.A.D. 201)

Raw and pissed off Italian Hardcore/Punk from the furious years! WRONG BOYS started in late 1981 in the small boring city of Broni, nearby Pavia, 1 hr drive from Milano. Because of the provinciality of their area, they didn’t get the deserved recognition, apart from a handful of tracks included in the legendary “Raptus” comp. LP’s on Meccano Records and a few more appearences here and there. Members of this band later moved on to form the Hardcore powerhouse called BLAXFEMA. This LP collects all the WRONG BOYS‘ recordings in existence, starting with their fantastic Demo 1982 recorded at Brown Studio, the same place where RAW POWER did their classic demo 1983!  Then there’s the songs from “Raptus – Negazione e superamento” v.a. LP, “Autogestione!” comp. tape plus 8 unreleased ones (rehearsal 1982 and live) that sound bloody raw and introduce their early steps as a pure Punk band before leaning towards typical Italian HC territories. 4 page full colored insert with rare photos, flyers and original art.

If you’re like us a maniac for the first wave of Italian Hardcore/Punk, this is that kind of sloppy and sincere HC tinged Punk that in some parts recalls bands like Blue Vomit, Rappresaglia, Uart Punk just to mention a few. Limited to 300 copies on 180 gram vinyl!
Watch the trailer

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard ultra-marbled vinyl in random colors mixing blue, violet, red, green, yellow ltd to 100

Solid black vinyl ltd to 200


DISARMO TOTALE “1982/1983” LP (F.O.A.D. 199)

Just when you thought that there was nothing left to unearth from the bloody pit of the 80’s Italian Hardcore… another lost & found gem brought to light by F.O.A.D. Records! DISARMO TOTALE were a shortly lived trio from the area of Ferrara. In the past they were only known in the most inner circles of diehard collectors for their rare demotape that circulated in extremely scarce quantity, probably less than 50. Members of this band later joined IMPACT on the classic “Solo odio” line-up, easily among the 10 best Italian HC records from those years. In recent times they dug from the archives a full live-in-the-studio session made back then that has all their songs performed with unbelievable intensity and good sound quality. Rabid, political Hardcore, 21 tracks combining speed and that very specific vibe that distinguished the Italian bands of that era… roughly, think of a mix of Wretched, Impact, 5° Braccio and some UK Punk influences (Crass, Rudimentary Peni are the first coming to mind when listening).

The audio masters were assembled directly by the band as well as the complete packaging/art, coming with a printed inner sleeve with lyrics and original excerpts/photos of those years. If released back then, this record would be equally worshipped as bands like Eu’s Arse, Underage and Impact themselves, this came as a total surprise to us and it’s guaranteed that if you’re an old school Hardcore maniac you’re going to love it! Limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gram vinyl.  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard marbled grey vinyl ltd to 100

Solid black vinyl ltd to 200

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