EGO FIX “Total filth squad – discography 1995-1997” LP+CD, SISSY SPACEK “Benigemony asiniscrepancy” LP, SIDETRACKED / ISOLATION AS CULT – Split LP and SIDETRACKED “Rumination – collected works chapter I” digipack 2xCD.. out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

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The wide choice and alternation of sound variety in the F.O.A.D. Records’ release schedule has always been one of our greatest strengths, and this month was truly special from this perspective,  as we offered you a line of releases pushed to the limits of extremism, all based on noisecore, grind and powerviolence. As we ourselves are people who listen to many different genres, this choice perfectly reflects our taste and will always ensure that you can enjoy a very varied range of musical (and antimusical) genres, whilst always remaining within a strictly underground sphere. And we are happy to tell you that – in perfect timing with the announced date – this month’s 4 face-smashing hammers are here, ready to ship: EGO FIX “Total filth squad – discography 1995-1997” LP+CD, SISSY SPACEK “Benigemony asiniscrepancy” LP , SIDETRACKED / ISOLATION AS CULT – Split LP and SIDETRACKED “Rumination – collected works chapter I” digipack 2xCD..

All pre-orders have already been mailed and most of our worldwide distributors have their stocks arriving soon, so you can also find them from the usual suspects trafficking in our weapons of mass destruction. Stay tuned because obviously we plan to end the year with a bang and the recipe for December includes 5 gems ranging from the fiercest hardcore thrash to a milestone of Latin American chaos-punk…. enough said!

And keep an eye out for the discounted bundle with all 4 of these titles together, it’s an opportunity not to be missed and as a special bonus it also includes a free ISOLATION AS CULT “Phase #2” flexi disc!!

More in detail:

EGO FIX “Total filth squad – discography 1995-1997” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 317)

Annihilating old school grindcore from Osaka, Japan influenced by 80s UK & Japanese fast HC and the early Earache Records classics! A complete collection of their 90’s recordings – most of them being released for the first time on vinyl:
“Eternal Karma” Demo, “Terminal Filth Squad” split EP w/ Plutonium, compilation appearances and unrleased tracks. BONUS CD with: Reh-Live demo 1996 + a live performance as CHAPEL OF GHOUL, in Maizuru City, Kyoto, November 1995.
50 SONGS!!  Total blasting insanity for fans of S.O.B., E.N.T. and early NAPALM DEATH..  Includes 16 page booklet packed with photos, flyers and artworks from their collected works. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard silver vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200

SISSY SPACEK “Benigemony asiniscrepancy” LP (F.O.A.D. 312)

Bone-crushing U.S. noisecore avalanche, brand new recordings from this prolific unit terrorizing the masses since 1999! Special line-up consisting of: Isaac Horne (Mankind’s Devastation, Sulfuric Cautery), Charlie Mumma (Sewer System, Knelt Rote), John Wiese (LHD, White Gold).
GRINDCORE FROM NOISE: taking the band’s long-term experience in harsh noise detonation and combining it with the sickest elements of brutalizing grindcore delivered at inhuman hyperblasting speed. One sided LP with silk screened B-side. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard oxblood red vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200


SIDETRACKED: Tacoma, WA frantic powerviolence champions deliver 14 exclusive tracks (recorded in 2018) of annihilating fast hardcore to leave you completely floored and devastated. Taking the best elements of fast US hardcore and powerviolence and blending them together in a grinding cyclone of rapid tempo changes, neck breaking blasts and raging vocals.  ISOLATION AS CULT: 180 song pulverizing noisecore hecatomb at its fiercest degradation stage. Combining the old school extremism of 7MON, Fear Of God, VNA, AxCx, Crawl Noise with Japanese filthnoisepunk influences (Gai, Confuse, Toxo-Vomit, State Children). Featuring: GTB (Cripple Bastards) / HOD (Toxic Basement Studio). Get ready for a lethal overdose of micro-song nihilism!  LP with insert and bonus I.A.C. sticker. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Diehard marbled gold vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200

SIDETRACKED “Rumination – collected works chapter I” digipack 2CD (F.O.A.D. 218)

First volume of Sidetracked’s discography, compiling their recorded efforts from 2002 to 2014. Over 200 songs of blistering fast hyper condensed hardcore!! Fusing No Comment-styled full throttle HC with influences ranging from 90’s powerviolence, NYHC to heart attack micro-song blastcore – this Tacoma, WA, ultra-rapid fire unit is hands down one of the most intense, breath-taking bands around. Double CD set with two 35-page booklets featuring liner notes, lyrics and photos, all housed in a luxurious 8-panel digipack! Limited to 500 copies. Watch the trailer HERE