BRIGADA DO ÓDIO “S/T discography” LP, NUCTEMERON “Posers mutilation 1989-1991” LP / CD, INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE “1989-2019” LP and SICK SINUS SYNDROME “Rotten to the core” LP : out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!

Spring at F.O.A.D. Records kicks off with 4 x highly anticipated grindcrushers that are ready to erase your remaning neurons!!  As previously announced, this month we have two Brazilian Noise/Grind rippers (BRIGADA DO ÓDIO and NUCTEMERON), a pioneering Crust/Grind unit from Greece (INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE) and a brand new revelation of the Czech Pathological Grind scene (SICK SINUS SYNDROME)..   So, to cut it short: BRIGADA DO ÓDIOS/T discography” LP, NUCTEMERONPosers mutilation 1989-1991” LP / CD, INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE1989-2019” LP and SICK SINUS SYNDROMERotten to the core” LP are all out now on F.O.A.D. Records. Most of your preorders have been already shipped, the last to go are those that were including the CD version of NUCTEMERON, that has been delivered from the pressing plant just today. We’ll try to be as fast as possible to send the remaining ones. The blue/grey swirl vinyl diehard edition of Industrial Suicide is already sold out and there’s only a handful left of the colored vinyl versions of the other 3 (Brigada Do Odio down to the less than 20) so act now if you don’t want to miss them. Stay tuned because we’ve got 4 more groundbreaking surprises coming out in April, and we’ll start to reveal them very soon!

As for now, here’s some extra details about this month’s releases:

BRIGADA DO ÓDIO “S/T discography” LP (F.O.A.D. 224)

NOISECORE FROM 1984!!!!!!! The longly awaited full discography by these pioneering Noisecore Punks from Brazil, among the earliest and most annihilating sonic terrorists of the ’80s! These maniacs were responsible for a crazily fast Chaos-Thrash long before the British explosion of Grindcore or the arrival of bands like AxCx, Sore Throat and the likes, and they were equally extreme and out of control… the blasting tornado on their split with OLHO SECO from 1985 was way ahead of their time in terms of outrageous speed and ear-splitting distortion. This exhaustive discography LP includes the following: Split LP with OLHO SECO (both versions. 1985), INFRATORES (pre-BRIGADA DO ÓDIO! 1984), s/t EP (2002) and “Diáspora” EP (2006, for the first time on vinyl!). 50 TRACKS!!

Comes with a booklet with rare photos, original artworks and biographical notes written by the band. Co-released with Insane Noise Distro from Brazil. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on swirl army green/grey vinyl (180 grams) limited to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl (180 grams) limited to 250 copies.



NUCTEMERON “Posers mutilation 1989-1991” LP/CD  (F.O.A.D. 216)

After years in the making it’s time to unleash “The Complete And Official Nuctemeron’s Discography 1989-1991“!! Grinding, deranged Death/Noise terror from the sickest Brazilian necro-underground… of the same ferocious breed that spawned sonic aberrations such as Necrobutcher, Hell Noise, Exterminio Brutal, Dissector, Trucidator, Necrofago and loads more. Brutal, primitive blackened Noise/Grind performed with cannibalistic roughness. This anthology compiles the following:

– “Industrial Pollution” Demo (1990)

– 3 different rehearsal tapes (1989-1991)

– “Last Massacre” live in Santa Maria (1991)

51 tracks of cacophonous aural butchery!! Comes with 16 page booklet full of rare photos, original demos’ scans and more.  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in three different versions:

Diehard edition on industrially polluted green vinyl (180 grams) limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl (180 grams) limited to 200 copies.

CD (jewel case) with 16 page booklet



INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE “1989-2019” LP (F.O.A.D. 217)

The first ever vinyl discography of these Greek filthy Crustcore veterans! Founded by members of Sound Pollution and Sadistic Noise, INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE were clearly inspired by the late ’80s Manic Ears/Peaceville generation that took the school of Discharge, Amebix and Antisect to a new stage of stenching heaviness, at times pushing the pedal to Grind-Punk speed, keeping a line of continuity with the extremity of their predecessors, the legendary Sound Pollution. This collection includes their Demo 1989, Rehearsal 1989, unreleased tracks 1990 and bonus sessions recorded from 2017 to 2019 (including a song with Bri/Doom on guitar and an Antisect cover).

Old styled Crust/HC detonation for fans of Doom, Sore Throat, Deviated Instinct, Mortal Terror. LP including a fanzine styled booklet with photos, flyers, original demos’ scans and liner notes!  Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl (180 grams) limited to 200 copies.



SICK SINUS SYNDROME “Rotten to the core” LP (F.O.A.D. 236)

Flesh-ripping, old school Pathological Grindcore starring three heavyweights of the Czech Gore/Grind scene: Bilos (Malignant Tumour), Jürgen (Ahumado Granujo, Ingrowing) and Hary (Pathologist).  These forensic maniacs deliver what they’re highly specialized in: 24 songs in 27 minutes taking the best of early Carcass, Xysma, Regurgitate, Dead Infection to a new level of sickness and intensity! A festering throwback to the golden late ’80s to early ’90s era when the milestones of this genre where setting new shocking standards in extreme music.

All this channelled through a very well conceived analog production that embodies the real soul of the original PathoGrind, chaining you to the walls of an anatomy room!  LP with printed inner sleeve and two sided A2 poster.  Get ready to drown in a swarming of putrid bacterias!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on putrified swirl vinyl (180 grams) limited to 100 copies, ranging from rotting pus green to decomposed flesh brown/orange

Solid black vinyl (180 grams) limited to 200 copies

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