ALKALOID “Invisible world” LP, HELL BOUND “Demo 1986” LP+CD, HELL BOUND “Norwegian forest” LP+CD, AGRESSOR “Llamas de muerte – The complete ultra-sessions 1986/1987” Gatefold 2xLP and SACRILEGIO “Podredumbre” LP preorders start NOW!!

No long introductions this time because we have no less than 5 releases (!!) to announce and therefore we prefer to give space to detailed descriptions of each. As many of you know, it’s in the multifaceted spirit of F.O.A.D. Records to cover a wide range of different genres, still staying within strictly underground territories. You got the month all dedicated to noisecore, the one all centered on death metal, the one all about Japanese hardcore… to the last round – mostly dedicated to 80’s American hardcore. This month’s choice is peculiar: we decided to put together the reissues of 3 rare Japanese heavy metal demos all to be discovered (ALKALOID and two separated recordings by HELL BOUND) and 2 seminal bands that pioneered the so called “ultra metal” scene of Medellin, Colombia (AGRESSOR and SACRILEGIO). If you’re wondering what “Ultra Metal” means: well, it’s a savage assault of the rawest death/thrash backed by a true hardcore spirit and raised in a social background of violence and desperation. Two countries very far from each other but with one point in common: when it comes to metal and punk they never disappoint, in terms of intensity, originality and attitude they are a totally unique world apart that still hides an infinity of gems to be unearthed and brought to light with passion and dedication.

So our recipe for June consists of: ALKALOIDInvisible world” LP, HELL BOUNDDemo 1986” LP+CD, HELL BOUNDNorwegian forest” LP+CD, AGRESSORLlamas de muerte – The complete ultra-sessions 1986/1987” gatefold 2xLP and SACRILEGIOPodredumbre” LP! They’re all available on preorder via and as usual we strongly recommend you to act fast if you want to catch the diehard colored vinyl versions as they are very limited and expected to sell out very quickly. We have set the release date on June 20th because shortly after we’ll start announcing what we have in the pipeline for July, which is equally sick! Please read the following detailed reviews to understand more about the bands and the contents of each release:

ALKALOID “Invisible world” LP (F.O.A.D. 262)

TOTAL CULT 80’s JAPANESE HEAVY METAL! Founded in the mid 80’s by members of Tokyo’s X-RAY, ALKALOID is a highly revered name in the pioneering scene that helped defining the sound and visual style of Japanese Metal. Some additional links: vocalist Angel later joined Sapporo’s SABER TIGER, the later drummer Hachi also played in GENOCIDE NIPPON. This LP is the official reissue of their classic debut demotape “Invisible world” (1986) enriched by the lost and found “Trajectory” studio session 1986. Sourced from the band’s masters and from the only existing copy of “Trajectory“, mastered with painstaking dedication at Toxic Basement Studio. Hunting vocals, scorching solos and pure energy are the ingredients of this super-catchy record… If you enjoyed other F.O.A.D. reissues of this kind (Q.O.P., PLAZMA X) look no further, this will definitely make your day! Includes full colored 12 page booklet loaded with rare photos, memorabilia and scans of the original cassette. Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard splatter purple on silver vinyl limited to 150

Black vinyl limited to 150

HELL BOUND “Demo 1986” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 248)

..another journey through the vaults of the most incredible underground rarities! A mysterious and totally undiscovered jewel of 80’s Japanese Metal from the Hokuriku area only known in the most diehard circles of tape-trading maniacs. This “Demo 1986” collection is all focused on their early recordings, blending a NWOBHM influenced approach with some serious Sortilège worship and a speed metal touch. It includes the following works: debut demotape 1986 and 2 unreleased studio tracks 1987. Links: their drummer Yano Angel later joined the rocking hardcore punk unit called BLANQUISME known for a demo and a 7″ (1989).  LP with OBI strip, bonus CD with extended contents and a stunning 16 page booklet full of photos and scans of the rare original demotape. Disclaimer: just as for many other Japanese Metal bands of that era (Rommel, Mein Kampf, Rosenfeld etc…) you will notice a recurring use of controversial symbols in the band’s photos and artworks. Quoting HELL BOUND themselves: “In the 80’s Japanese scene it was mostly used to enhance the shocking factor without any political references. Some of you may also find some connection to this imagery in our lyrics: actually, we were trying to express our contempt towards the mistakes made by the Nazis, but our English was poor and easily misunderstood. Later on we stopped using those symbols in our artworks because we thought it was wrong, despite the shocking value. We are firmly opposed Nazism and any form of discrimination.” Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard army green vinyl limited to 150

Black vinyl limited to 150

HELL BOUND “Norwegian forest” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 249)

In conjunction with the reissue of their “Demo 1986” on LP, it was mandatory to also provide the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment to “Norwegian forest“, the band’s final opus from 1989, considered as their full length album but only released on a very limited cassette version up to now… If their previous recordings were leaning towards a NWOBHM influenced sound often pushing the boundaries to speed metal gallops, “Norwegian forest” shows their style progressing to more gloomy and occult territories, sounding like the perfect hell-match between Mercyful Fate inspired atmospheres and the intensity of traditional Japanese heavy metal! Powered by a solid production and the outstanding vocals of Junichi Mori, “Norwegian forest” is a flawless hidden gem of 80’s Rising Sun heavy metal all to be discovered.  This special F.O.A.D. version includes the complete “Norwegian forest” studio session for the first time on vinyl and a bonus CD with extended contents (7x additional live tracks). LP with OBI strip, 12 page booklet full of photos and scans of the rare original demotape. Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard splatter white on blue vinyl limited to 150

Black vinyl limited to 150

SACRILEGIO “Podredumbre 1986-1988” LP (F.O.A.D. 242)

…another sonic bestiality forged in the violent streets of MedellIn, Colombia in the 80’s!! Formed in 1984 by vocalist Carlos Mario Montoya “El vikingo” (also member of NEKROMANTIE) who was assassinated in 1988, SACRILEGIO were undoubtedly one of the most important names in the early Ultra Metal scene of the Antioquian region. Quoting the biography included in this anthology: “They were influenced by Metal/Hardcore classics of the time, such as PARABELLUM, HELLHAMMER, SLAYER and SNOBB SLAKT (Swedish Hardcore)“. This gives a better idea of their style, a primitive and rough crossover of early day death/thrash with a touch of 80’s hardcore in the crudest form. In the works for more than 4 years, “Podredumbre 1986-1988” is the most exhaustive collection of all their existing recordings, assembled under supervision of the band’s late guitarist Antonio Guerrero (also founder of Agressor and Masacre).  10 songs consisting of: audition session for “Rodrigo D. No futuro” and demo 1986-1987, final recording for the soundtrack of “Rodrigo D. No futuro” (1988), live at Acción Comunal del barrio Alfonso López Castilla, 1987. As explained by the band, SACRILEGIO‘s anthem “Podredumbre” was only included in the soundtrack of the movie “Rodrigo D.” but not on the 1990’s compilation LP featuring most of the bands that were invited to take part to that project. This LP also includes a 12 page booklet full of never seen before photos, flyers and an interesting biography written with the help of Antonio Guerrero. An absolute must have for fans of the most infernal South American death thrash and raw, unpolished 80’s metal punk in general! Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard splatter green/black vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200

AGRESSOR “Llamas de muerte – The complete ultra-sessions 1986/1987” gatefold 2xLP (F.O.A.D. 239)

After reissuing Colombian underground milestones such as Blasfemia, Restos De Tragedia and the iconic “Estamos en la sima” compilation, F.O.A.D. is back to digging into the obscure roots of the legendary Ultra Metal scene born in Medellín in the mid ’80s. This time it’s the turn of AGRESSOR, a pioneering, extremely raw unit delivering the ugly, barbaric sounds that were peculiar to that area and were portraying a nightmarish reality of crimes, drugs and misery. As some say “It’s not Metal, it’s not Hardcore… it’s ULTRA METAL“. Double LP anthology collecting all their 80’s recordings, consisting of:  “Ensayo 1986” (early demo), recordings for “Rodrigo D. No Futuro” (1987), complete session at “Estudio Tiempos Modernos” (1987), live at Aeropuerto “Olaya Herrera“, 1987. Gatefold sleeve with rare photos, flyers and a detailed history (in Spanish and English) written in collaboration with the band’s guitarist Antonio Guerrero, explaining how – with the shittiest equipment and instruments – he managed to achieve that crude primitive sound that characterized not only Agressor but also other bands he was in (Sacrilegio and Masacre) and inspired hordes of death thrashin’ maniacs all over the world. Sheer caveman brutality channelled through the rawest Metal ever created! Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard splatter red on milky clear vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200

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