TERRORIZER “Before the downfall 1987-1989” 2xCD digipack, POISON “Into the abyss – resurrected” CD and POISON “Full ’86 live set in rehearsal” CD : out NOW on FOAD Records!!

A quick update on what has been going on in the last few months… as many of you are most likely aware, there are currently severe issues affecting the vinyl manufacturing process on a worldwide scale. Not only are the increasingly extended waiting times an issue, but also the limited availability of source materials, as worsening Covid scenarios around the globe slow down the production of raw vinyl material and its transport to pressing plants. This said, most of our planned release dates have been pushed back by approx 2 months. In the time since our last vinyl outputs (June) we have worked stubbornly to fix this situation and we’re glad to say that from September onwards we’ll be perfectly in line with the set deadlines and there will be no more empty months. As you can imagine we have a lot of irons in the fire and we don’t want to sit still for reasons beyond our will. And waiting for the kraken that we’re about to unleash in September we did not want to leave you empty-handed even in August, so we have decided to fill this waiting phase with 3 x CD releases …and following the many requests, we have picked up two classic bands from our back-catalog: TERRORIZER and POISON! The recent upgraded vinyl reissue of TERRORIZERBefore the downfall 1987-1989” has been wiped out in few weeks, so why not making it available again on a deluxe 2xCD digipack set, same story with POISON‘s best sounding version of their classic “Into the abyss“, or better “Into the abyss – resurrected“, previously only available on LP and sold out very quickly… here’s another chance to get it, for the first time on a CD only version. And to complete the onslaught, why not adding another POISON classic, their raw and barbaric “Full ’86 live set in rehearsal” previously only included in the gigantic “Hoelle und vernichtung” Boxset as double LP, now back in stock for the first time on CD. So to sum it all up: TERRORIZERBefore the downfall” 2xCD digipack, POISON “Into the abyss – Resurrected” CD and POISONFull ’86 live set in rehearsal” CD are all out now and ready to ship. Since we are rushing towards the announcement of the next vinyl warfare there won’t be any preorders for these, they’re all directly out today!

More in detail about each release:

TERRORIZER “Before the downfall” 2xCD digipack (F.O.A.D. 069/CD)

Deluxe 2xCD reissue of this total Grindcore classic on F.O.A.D. Records, finally back in stock in a new, upgraded version with 1 extra song (“Funeral bitch” – Master cover) that was accidentally missing in the 2014-2016 editions. Quoting OSCAR GARCIA: “This is the first and the only true release of Terrorizer LA demos ever captured on vinyl, not a low quality bootleg but an official release, none better than to have it all on F.O.A.D. Records. Awesome collection for any Terrorizer fan!“. The ultimate early years’ anthology from LA’s godfathers of GRIND, the one and only… TERRORIZER! This monsterwork starts off with “Collapse“, a completely unreleased song from the “World downfall” studio session unearthed from the band’s secret archives… next is an alternative take of their split tape with NAUSEA (1988) that sounds like machine-gun fire in the face and then you can enjoy all their existing demos and early works in astonishingly great sound quality, mastered with total audiophile passion from the best sounding sources in existence!! Some of these recordings are the reason why Shane Embury of Napalm Death back in his tape-trading days got completely crazy for them and persuaded Earache to sign them and bring to light “World downfall” (when the band was already on hiatus). “Countless blast warriors still strive for this classic sound and catchy song structure, but no one can match it on Oscar Garcia’s pitch(less) caveman growl! This is the perfect storm of incredible songwriting and recording quality” (Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed about “World downfall“). 46 SONGS of bulldozing L.A. Grindcore with a solid Death Metal imprint, all the classics you want to hear included!

* Deluxe double CD digipack (8 panels) with different colors than the previous versions

* 2 booklets (38 pages in total) featuring extensive interviews, loads of never-seen-before photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more!

* Fixed bonus CD with 1 extra song (“Funeral bitch” – Master cover) accidentally not appearing on the previous versions

Watch the trailer HERE

POISON “Into the abyss- Resurrected” CD (F.O.A.D. 162/CD)

POISON‘s infernal cult is alive!! Just when you thought that it was all said and done with F.O.A.D.‘s monster-work “Hoelle und vernichtung” (a colossal boxset including the band’s complete discography), the wizard of darkness and evil Uli Hildenbrand unearthed from his rotting vaults a lost & found mastertape of “Into the abyss” transfered directly from the studio reels back in 1987, unlike all the previously existing re-issues that were all taken from the 1st vinyl pressing. This version is the most pristine and faithful to the original studio recordings you can think of, sounding farly better than any other version around. Pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black/Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80’s. Originally recorded in 1986, released on tape in 1987 and then 6 years later on vinyl/LP by Median Creations, “Into the abyss” is the only real studio recording of this Teutonic blasphemic horde and hands down their most powerful production, considering that all the previous demos were rough DIY recordings made in their practice space.

What you will find on this masterpiece is pummeling and barbaric death/thrash metal with plenty of early black metal elements from their earlier works. The progress this band had made in less then a year of their previous recording is remarkable, but at the same time, when looking at each demo in chronological order, you see a steady progression in their sound from recording to recording, so seeing the band improve this much should not really be a shocker. “Into the abyss” is essential for anyone even remotely into brutal, vicious 80’s death/thrash, as well as old school black metal and the mid-late 80’s proto-death metal sound. CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet including photos and liner notes (by Uli Hildenbrand). Watch the trailer HERE

POISON “Full ’86 live set in rehearsal” CD (F.O.A.D. 243)

Previously only included in the “Hoelle und vernichtung” discography vinyl boxset (now completely sold out) this total cult session is finally back, for the first time on CD! Raw, punishing Black/Thrash from one of Germany’s oldest and most influential hordes of darkness and evil! A blood-drenching set featuring all their classic anthems in the crudest form plus some hidden gems that haven’t been included on their demos and album.

Quoting Uli Hildenbrand himself: “The best complete recording of a POISON Live set in decent quality (sound and performance-wise), done in our rehearsal room but with somewhat better equipment and -of course- remastered in the most effective way by F.O.A.D. and yours truly! It was recorded in November 1986 in preparation of our first (and only) studio session planned for the end of December, when we were still trying to figure out which of the songs we would eventually record in the studio. Some oft he latest material was still „work in progress“, especially „Sphynx“ wich I think was rehearsed here for the first time ever…  On the other hand, pretty much all of the trax we’d already recorded for the previous 3 demos are featured here in vastly superior versions. Listen to „Angel of Satan“ or „Legions of Hell“ AND there is that one song that we never recorded before or again – although it’s probably one of our best (in retrospect) – check out „Zombie Dance“ [continues in the CD booklet] …” Watch the trailer HERE

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