SORE THROAT “Who killed Gumby?” LP, CRIPPLE BASTARDS “1991: complete demo + unreleased tracks” LP, W.B.I. / TUMOR Split LP and ATROFIA CEREBRAL “Matanza extrema” LP… OUT NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

Here we are with the final post closing another extremely vital and productive year for F.O.A.D. Records. Despite all the difficulties related to the pandemic, the increases in raw material costs and above all the never-before-seen congestion that has slowed down pressing plants beyond belief, in such tough times we managed to get to 36 releases out in 2021, which for us is truly an absolute record. A record that we’ll do everything we can to break even further in 2022, given the fact that we have an endless list of incredible releases that we can’t wait to reveal! All this is only thanks to all of you who have always continued to support us and appreciate our work – allowing us to keep things rolling strong and stable. To all those who have tenaciously continued to get our releases and of course to the various record stores and distros that helped us get them around: you know who you are and all our efforts and commitment are dedicated to you.

So, as previously announced – we are ending the year with a brain-splitting storm of relentless Noisecore, and the apocalyptic four consists of: SORE THROATWho killed Gumby?” LP, CRIPPLE BASTARDS1991: complete demo sessions and unreleased tracks” LP, W.B.I. / TUMORSplit” LP and ATROFIA CEREBRALMatanza extrema” LP.

All of them are out now, most preorders have been sent so you can hopefully receive them before Xmas. As expected, the diehard colored vinyl versions of all have been sold out on preorder, for some of them the black vinyl run is quite limited too, so we strongly suggest to act fast if you don’t want to miss them! F.O.A.D. Records and will continue to operate without interruption during the upcoming holidays, we’ll try our best to ship orders in real time, if some delays will occur it’ll be due to couriers and post offices.  Last one: stay tuned because our next round of announcements will be simply… UNREAL!!

More in detail about this month’s 4 x Noisecore releases:

SORE THROAT “Who killed Gumby?” LP (F.O.A.D. 250)

F.O.A.D. Records reaches its 250th release with an absolute gem of uncompromised aural butchery. SORE THROAT’s first ever recording immortalized in Rich Militia’s bedroom in 1987, now for the first time on vinyl! Quoting Rich himself: “22 tracks of cider swilling, system smashing, Evo sniffing, Tory punching, fashion hating, Nazi crushing, total horrendous noise!”. But wait, there are actually a lot more than 22 tracks: side B Includes a particularly rowdy live recording recorded in Cardiff in 1988, which is not just one bonus track as the band says – it’s the complete set, in surprisingly intense sound quality. No further introductions needed for UK’s generators of the most disturbing, sarcastic and booze-fueled Noise/Punk disgrace ever conceived on this planet! Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Rich Militia. GO FUCK A HORSE!! Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 350 with exclusive “From the offlicense” red sticker

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “1991: complete demo sessions + unreleased tracks” LP (F.O.A.D. 251)

CRUSHING NOISECORE MASSACRE444 SONGS!! Just in time for the deadline of its 30th anniversary, here’s the official reissue of CB’s debut demo ’91 (the previous one, recorded in 1989, was only handed to friends and never distributed with a real cover), originally released on the 3-Way split tape with K.S.G. and Dissonance. This special extended version includes a lot of rare extras, most of which have never been published up to now, not even on the massive “Age of vandalism” 4xCD boxset. This is what you’ll find inside:

Complete, uncut Demo ’91 session with lots of unreleased tracks (220!)
Original Demo session (64 tracks)
Unreleased split 7″ with K.S.G. (145 tracks)
Extra unreleased session (15 tracks)

Re-edited and mastered from the band’s tapes. Booklet with photos from that time, scans of the original demo and related flyers, lyrics and extensive liner notes/trivia by Giulio The Bastard. Italy’s most extreme and annihilating Noise/Grind in over 4 decades – this LP captures their most anti-music and annihilating phase when they moved from the early teenage sloppy thrash-punk delirium to a devastating wall of tout court Noisecore inspired by 7 M.O.N., Sore Throat, AxCx, Buka and similar audio terrorists. Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 250

W.B.I. / TUMOR Split LP (F.O.A.D. 228)

The dream death-match you always wanted to see but never happened before… two of the craziest and most representative bands of the early 90’s German Noise inferno team up together on the ultimate split LP! 56 SONGS of cannibalistic Noise/Grind ear-torture from the classic era 1992-1994. Unreleased sessions from both bands: W.B.I.’s side is the very last recording with Norris on drums (1994) and as they explain: “Up to now it was just dubbed to few close friends” and TUMOR’s side is a lost & found rehearsal (1992) not even included in their monolithic 4xCD discography boxset. Short and crazily fast Noisecore orgy in the sickest Teutonic tradition, quoting Tumor: “An enema with nitroglycerine“!! 12 page booklet with rare photos and an extensive Tumor history written by the band. Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 200

ATROFIA CEREBRAL “Matanza extrema” LP (F.O.A.D. 252)

The debut tape (1989) by these long running Peruvian blasting noise maniacs for the first time on vinyl! Sourced from the band’s master and totally kept in its pristine original form. 100 tracks of pure unadulterated NOISECORE NIHILISM!! No riffs, no slowdowns, no fucking music – just brutal, raging NOISECORE at the rawest stage! The absolute feeling of despair, no fun and mental aberration unleashed by the sonic hecatomb of this recording frames the crude and hopeless reality in which it was made, in an extremely impactful way! Booklet with lyrics, old fanzine excerpts and rare drawings. Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 120

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