SKINLESS “Gut pumping hits – the demos” gatefold 2xLP and EURONYMOUS / BEHEADED NASRANI  split LP+CD out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

This month we are in perfect timing with the expected release date, as previously announced March on F.O.A.D. is a lethal clash of punishing NY Death Metal with SKINLESS and their “Gut pumping hits – The demos” gatefold 2xLP collecting all demos + everything recorded before “Progression towards evil” vs two obscure and menacing old school Black/Death brigades from South Eastern Asia with the ominous EURONYMOUS / BEHEADED NASRANI “split” LP+cd !! 

They are both out now and ALL your preorders have already been shipped and updated with tracking numbers. There aren’t many copies left of the diehard versions (SKINLESS on red-black splatter and EURONYMOUS / BEHEADED NASRANI on swamp green vinyl) so we strongly suggest you to act fast before they’re gone forever. Also, watch out… from now on we will tighten the times for the next announcements and the opening for pre-orders of the upcoming releases since we want to recover the countless delays that have occurred in the past months due to pressing plants’ congestion, so keep an eye on our sites because there are a multitude of news on the way!

More in detail:

SKINLESS “Gut pumping hits – the demos” gatefold 2xLP (F.O.A.D. 256)

Complete early recordings collection (1994-1997) of New York’s undisputed Death Metal legend! Discover the gut slashing roots of these masters of gore and brutality. A special mention goes to their demotape “Swollen heaps“, often quoted as one of NYC’s most classic and bone crushing demos in the genre, the pinnacle of an era when brutal Death Metal was still totally straight in the face and not inflated by abuse of triggering and utterly artificial productions. Groovy riffs with plenty of chug, crushing breakdowns and technical blasting severity… watch the trailer HERE
Demo 1994
“Swollen heaps” Demo 1995
songs from the “Common ground” v.a. 1997
…compiled on a top sounding double LP housed in a high glossy gatefold sleeve!

Available in two versions:

– Diehard splatter red’n’black vinyl limited to 150

– Solid black vinyl limited to 350


Vicious Black/Death assault from Singapore’s circles of hell! EURONYMOUSSurrender unto evil” is the band’s only opus from 1991, a wicked masterpiece of ancient blackened wrath – BEHEADED NASRANI‘s “Demo/promo tape 1991” is another nigthmarish descent into the most putrid and malevolent realms of old school Singaporean Death Metal. Both demos have been mastered from top quality sources provided by the bands, sounding much better than any previous edition around.

Also included a bonus CD with both demos and an extra unreleased Demo/Reh. 1989 by BEHEADED NASRANI, whose front cover art and logo have been designed by the legend that is Chris Moyen. Fanzine styled booklet with scans of the original artworks, photos, articles and an extensive interview to both bands. 

If you enjoyed F.O.A.D.‘s reissue of XASTHUR‘s “Hidden lore” that came out not long ago and other South Eastern Asian demons like Abhorer, Profancer and early Impiety, with a sound that undoubtedly also draws to the most barbaric and violent Brazilian classics of Cogumelo‘s golden years, you can’t miss this infernal split! watch the trailer HERE

Available in two versions:

– Diehard swamp green vinyl limited to 100

– Solid black vinyl limited to 200

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