SEKUNDA “s/t discography” trifold LP, HEDGE HOG “Never die” LP and EX-KOMBRO “Alambres y barrotes” LP preorders start NOW!!

After delivering one of the heaviest F.O.A.D. boxsets to date both in terms of weight and musical/visual content – the monolithic BULLDOZERRide hard – Die fast” anthology that was sold out in less than 1 month – we’re back on focusing on some of the rawest and most uncompromised Hardcore/Punk, choosing 3 bands respectively from 3 different continents and quite different time frames. Europe, Asia, South America or to go more in detail Finland, Japan and Colombia – 3 countries that are highly revered by those looking for the fastest, angriest and most genuine stuff around when it comes to mindblowing thrash. 

The most anticipated of the tryptic is obviously SEKUNDA – after being in the works for years. Can you believe it? A total discography by Finland’s sloppiest, most chaotic and untalented Noise Punks of all eras. Quoting the band:  “3 decades, 100 tracks, 3 albums.. not a single track is omitted“! Then to the land of the rising sun (this is FOAD’s 38th Japanese release!) we have chosen something for true connoisseurs, you can’t dig into obscurities deeper than this: HEDGE HOG, a rabid fast Hardcore combo only known for taking part to a “Bondage maniac” compilation tape and for playing a few gigs in the early ’90s, but of course of very high thrashing levels… and then Medellin – another well tested area if you’re not new to F.O.A.D.‘s sonic crimes: going backwards through our releases you will find the cult compilation “Estamos en la sima“, the cacophonic Hardcore veterans Restos De Tragedia and the Ultra-Metal icons Blasfemia. Now it’s the turn of EX-KOMBRO, a killer mid ’90s act known for two raw and catchy 7″s and few compilation tracks. It was about time to put everything together on a proper discography LP adding unreleased material.

So, to sum it all up:   SEKUNDAs/t discography” trifold LP, HEDGE HOGNever die” LP and EX-KOMBROAlambres y barrotes” LP on F.O.A.D. Records are up for preorders via !!  We will never tire of repeating the same story: act fast if you want to catch the limited diehard versions, they definitely won’t last long before they’re sold out! Tentative release date for these is November 3rd even if it hasn’t yet been confirmed by the pressing plant, please be patient, you know we do our best to get your order to its destination as soon as possible.

More in detail about each release:

SEKUNDA “s/t discography” trifold 3xLP (F.O.A.D. 241)

Suomi chaoscore mythology at unparalleled levels, the fastest and noisiest in Finnish 1982 Punk!! Those familiar with cult compilations such as “Propaganda – Russia Bombs Finland“, “Propaganda – Hardcore ’83” and “Lasta” cannot deny that of all those raw and angry Finnish Hardcore greats, the crudest, sloppiest and most terrifying was one and only: SEKUNDA

Here’s their complete discography consisting of 100 SONGS… a dream come true for every noise maniac. All their existing recordings from 1980 to 2009, 3 decades, 100 tracks, 3 albums! Directly from the band: “Not a single track is omitted, all the demos, cassette compilations, vinyls and CD’s are here, with the session outtakes returned“. Deluxe trifold jacket with 20 page full colored booklet including rare photos, scans of the original tapes and extensive liner notes! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (orange / green / pink with black splattering) limited to 100

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

HEDGE HOG “Never die” LP (F.O.A.D. 246)

There’s no end in the tunnel of thrashing obscurities deep in the F.O.A.D.’s crypts… can you find something more obscure than this?? Known only for their appearance on the “Bondage Maniac” Vol. 1 compilation tape and few gigs in the early ’90s here’s the official reissue of HEDGE HOG‘s totally invisible demotape “Never die” + compilation tracks + 3 unreleased tunes, all recorded in 1992! HEDGE HOG (not to be confused with Hamamatsu’s Hedge Hog, also playing HC!) belong to the great generation of unsung heroes from the Bondage Maniac stables that also featured incredible gems like Slaver, Inject Brain, Scum Blast, Soltic, Warsaw and more ultra-rabid thrashers that never got the deserved recognition. Musically this is fast, incendiary Hardcore in a pure traditional Japanese way… for fans of Outo, Systematic Death, Mad Conflux and Lipcream

The band’s singer Ichi has been later appreciated for his artworks for bands like S.O.B. and Kikeiji. Sourced straight from the band’s mastertapes. LP with insert collecting rare photos and flyers. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition (white with green splattering) limited to 150

Solid black vinyl limited to 150 copies

EX-KOMBRO “Alambres y barrotes” LP (F.O.A.D. 247)

Raw and angry Hardcore/Punk from the tough streets of Medellin, Colombia in the ’90s! Complete discography including both EP’s, compilation tracks and an unreleased studio session 1997 ending with a cover of “Police bastard” by Doom! 24 songs of highly energetic South American HC, combing speed, total DIY recordings and a genuine latinoPunk catchiness driven by powerful throaty vocals. If you enjoyed previous Colombian works on F.O.A.D. like the legendary “Estamos en la sima” compilation and Restos De Tragedia‘s early discography, this is equally intense and surrounded by a sweaty suburban basement atmosphere.

Full colored booklet with an incredible selection of photos, scans of the original records, liner notes, lyrics both in Spanish and English… and more! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard transparent blue vinyl with black splattering limited to 100

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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