SEKUNDA “s/t discography” 3xLP and EX-KOMBRO “Alambres y barrotes” LP out now on FOAD Records, HEDGE HOG sold out on preorder!

No big introductions this time, we’ll cut it short going straight to the point as we are very busy packing and shipping your preorders. As we previously announced, this month’s formula is an international raw Hardcore triad with 3 bands respectively from Finland, Colombia and Japan: SEKUNDA, EX-KOMBRO and HEDGE HOG! Of these 3, HEDGE HOG has been totally wiped out on preorder – being a very obscure band we did only 250 copies of it and they went at the speed of light. If you haven’t made it in time to get your copy via , our usual worldwide distributors are getting copies of it soon, good luck in getting one! The other two are also running out very quick, the diehard splatter vinyl versions are sold out for both SEKUNDA and EX-KOMBRO, we still have some on black vinyl but they won’t last for long!

We are currently working hard to be able to ship everything before we leave for the long awaited Mega Record Fair in Utrecht (November 13 and 14) where, as always, you can find us at stall nr. 94. If you’re planning to come there and want to reserve some records from write us through the site’s contact page or to and let us know what would you like to pick up at the fair. So, to sum things up, SEKUNDAs/t discography” 3xLP and EX-KOMBROAlambres y barrotes” LP are both out now on F.O.A.D. Records, HEDGE HOGNever die” LP is sold out on preorder.

More in detail:

SEKUNDA “s/t discography” trifold 3xLP (F.O.A.D. 241)

Suomi chaoscore mythology at unparalleled levels, the fastest and noisiest in Finnish 1982 Punk!! Those familiar with cult compilations such as “Propaganda – Russia Bombs Finland“, “Propaganda – Hardcore ’83” and “Lasta” cannot deny that of all those raw and angry Finnish Hardcore greats, the crudest, sloppiest and most terrifying was one and only: SEKUNDA

Here’s their complete discography consisting of 100 SONGS… a dream come true for every noise maniac. All their existing recordings from 1980 to 2009, 3 decades, 100 tracks, 3 albums! Directly from the band: “Not a single track is omitted, all the demos, cassette compilations, vinyls and CD’s are here, with the session outtakes returned“. Deluxe trifold jacket with 20 page full colored booklet including rare photos, scans of the original tapes and extensive liner notes! Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

EX-KOMBRO “Alambres y barrotes” LP (F.O.A.D. 247)

Raw and angry Hardcore/Punk from the tough streets of Medellin, Colombia in the ’90s! Complete discography including both EP’s, compilation tracks and an unreleased studio session 1997 ending with a cover of “Police bastard” by Doom! 24 songs of highly energetic South American HC, combing speed, total DIY recordings and a genuine latinoPunk catchiness driven by powerful throaty vocals. If you enjoyed previous Colombian works on F.O.A.D. like the legendary “Estamos en la sima” compilation and Restos De Tragedia‘s early discography, this is equally intense and surrounded by a sweaty suburban basement atmosphere.

Full colored booklet with an incredible selection of photos, scans of the original records, liner notes, lyrics both in Spanish and English… and more! Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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