RAW POWER & CRIPPLE BASTARDS Japan Tour Sept. 2019 and limited split flexi disc available at the shows!!

Just a few days to go before the RAW POWER & CRIPPLE BASTARDS tour in Japan begins… it’s the 3rd time that CB hit the land of the Rising Sun and the very first one for Raw Power, they have never been there in 38 years of existence.

To support this incredible set of gigs F.O.A.D. Records has prepared a special ultra limited surprise… a CRIPPLE BASTARDS / RAW POWER split flexi disc EP (ltd. to 250 copies hand numbered by GTB!) including 2 unreleased tracks x each band!!
This has been recorded and put together in record times and arrived here just yesterday! The CB side consists of a new song called “Ai Confini Di Quel Che Puoi Dire” and a cover of The Gerogerigegege “Ji” while RP deliver 2 brand new ones!

You know what to expect: a sheer dose of ultrafast and hateful Hardcore/Grind ferocity from the Bastards and a solid thrashing Italian Hardcore attack from the pioneering legends Raw Power! This EP will be only available at the 6 Japanese shows that will take place here:


3rd Hokage, Osaka – FB event CLICK HERE
4th Keith Flack, Fukuoka – FB event CLICK HERE
5th Vortex, Mie – FB event CLICK HERE
6th Huck Finn, Nagoya – FB event CLICK HERE
7th Earthdom, Tokyo – FB event CLICK HERE
8th El Puente, Yokohama – FB event CLICK HERE


3日(火) Hokage 大阪
4日(水) Keieth Flack 福岡
5日(木) Vortex 三重
6日(金) Huck Finn 名古屋
7日(土) Earthdom 東京
8日(日) El Puente 横浜

Together with this, there’ll be plenty of tour t-shirts (artwork by Sugi) and a silk screened poster limited to 30! To all those that are lucky to catch these gigs, see you there… and for those that won’t be there, do not despair, there’re a new string of F.O.A.D. releases in the works and 2 of them will be announced very soon. KANPAI!!

Official CRIPPLE BASTARDS & RAW POWER Japan tour 2019 facebook page: click HERE

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