RATOS DE PORÃO “Necropolítica” CD, PIG CHILDREN  “The torment continues… 1983-1986” LP+CD, INSANITY DEFENSE “Asylum – Complete recordings 1983-1985” LP and FATAL VISION “Zeitgeist” LP: preorders start NOW!!

A new F.O.A.D. attack is ready to strike, this time with an all-Hardcore four aces that will definitely hit your turntable without mercy! Here’s the deal: our original plan for May was to keep it all focused on some hidden treasures of ’80s US HC, but when we heard that our friends RATOS DE PORÃO were ready with their new album “Necropolítica” (8 years after the previous “Seculo sinistro“) we rushed to have at least the CD version coming out simultaneously with their release date in Brazil (we’ll also do it on vinyl – later on), adding it to our schedule for this month. And it perfectly fits, as the amount of high octane thrashcore they deliver is perfectly matching with the intensity and energy of the other old school rippers that we’re about to introduce. 

So this is what we picked for our US HC selection: a big surprise for many will definitely be this ultimate discography by Orange County’s fast Hardcore psychos PIG CHILDREN including their killer “Blood for the state” 12″ (1985), the rare demo 1983 and a completely unreleased sound board live 1986. All this enriched by a thick F.O.A.D. style booklet with countless photos, flyers and an interesting historical notes written by the band. Then we fly to the other coast, specifically to Centerport, Long Island, New York – and here we are pleased to announce the start of a series of reiusses to bring back on vinyl the complete Unsound Music catalog, which includes some total Hardcore smashers that aren’t yet much known on an international range.

And our first two choices are INSANITY DEFENSE with a discography LP compiling their fantastic demo ’83 and “Pilgrim state” 12″ (1985) and then the obscure, shortly lived Hardcore unit known as FATAL VISION, with their “Zeitgeist” demo 1983 finally getting the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment. If you’re a fan of pioneering NY HC these two gems can’t be missed in your collection as they totally capture the true power and fury of the greatest bands from that time, not only those based in the NY area but also those from cities like Boston, Washington DC and Detroit, of which you’ll hear an undeniable influence in both ID and FV. So to sum it all up:  RATOS DE PORÃONecropolítica” CD, PIG CHILDREN  “The torment continues… 1983-1986” LP+CD, INSANITY DEFENSEAsylum – Complete recordings 1983-1985” LP and FATAL VISIONZeitgeist” LP are all up for preorders via  As we always want to remark, these records are very limited and the colored vinyl versions even more, they’re expected to go quickly, so act fast!  Official release date for all 4 is May 20th 2022.

More in detail:

RATOS DE PORÃO “Necropolítica” CD (F.O.A.D. 275/CD)

The return of Brazil’s undisputed Thrash-Punk masters! 8 years after the acclaimed “Século sinistro“, RxDxPx are back with another slab of relentless, intense and socially engaged Crossover Thrash in their unmistakeable style, this time with a stronger-than-ever political message reflecting their absolute contempt against the authoritarian government that has plagued Brazil in recent years. Musically, with a career spanning through 5 decades, RATOS DE PORÃO show no sign of weakening and reconfirm themselves as the absolute champions of South American Hardcore! 10 songs full of Metal and Punk mayhem keeping it fresh and dynamic at the same time, led by Jão’s manic riffing and Gordo’s massive, vitriolic shouts of rage. With no doubts world’s most famous basement rats have nailed it another time with a devastating album, still sounding exciting and relevant, which is an amazing achievement in Punk that most other bands of that age can’t claim! Watch the trailer HERE

PIG CHILDREN  “The torment continues… 1983-1986” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 232)

Ripping fast anger-driven Hardcore from Orange County, California! Complete discography collecting their classic “Blood for the state” 12″ (1985), 10 song demo 1983 plus a bonus CD with a killer soundboard live set captured at Long Beach’s notorious Fenders Ballroom (those familiar with our previous works will notice other FOAD anthologies featuring stuff recorded there… Cryptic Slaughter and FCDN Tormentor just to mention some). 31 tracks of what the band describes as “Loud, aggressive music with an anti-system and fuck you attitude!“. To highlight the importance of this release, you’ll find included a stunning 20 page full colored booklet in full F.O.A.D. tradition – loaded with incredible photos, rare flyers and an extensive history of the Pig Children Tribe… A hidden gem in the annals of the So. Cal Punk scene!! Watch the trailer HERE

Available on:

solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies

diehard grey/red splatter vinyl limited to 150 copies

INSANITY DEFENSE “Asylum – Complete recordings 1983-1985” LP (F.O.A.D. 257)

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK… HARDCORE!!  Blazing Hardcore Punk from Centerport, NY smashing the quiet of suburbia with an all out assault! Side one features the full scale thrash attack of their original “ID” demotape (1983), a true unsung classic of early 80’s NY HC, quoting the legendary FLEX! North America book: “An unreleased Hardcore treasure – fast, powerful and super angry, in the vein of the Boston/XClaim/Midwest bands“. On the flipside the darker yet intense & catchy “Pilgrim state” 12″ (1985) – again from FLEX! : “Fast, powerful and slightly metallic Hardcore with some interesting harmonies and rhythms; the slower songs show some psychotic Black Flag influences. Original and intelligent music, one of those Hardcore records that fell through the cracks back then and have aged very well“. Including 16 page booklet complete with photos, flyers, lyrics and artwork from the original releases, as well as unreleased material. Watch the trailer HERE

Available on:

solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

diehard seablue/green vinyl limited to 100 copies

FATAL VISION “Zeitgeist” LP (F.O.A.D. 258)

2nd chapter in F.O.A.D.‘s mission to reissue the entire Unsound Music catalog on vinyl (Insanity Defense being the first). Another hidden gem of fast and furious Long Island, NY Hardcore with a sound in the vein of the early Touch & Go bands. “What happens when you take a Brit punk and an American punk, put them together in a studio… what do you get? A row? No! You get FATAL VISION” (Jeff Earing). This mysterious short-lived band, created by Ric Clarke and Jeff Earing (Insanity Defense, Satans Cheerleaders, etc) made a cassette of full throttle raging hardcore that mixes elements of punk from both sides of the pond. 12 songs of mosh pit madness, led by singer Pete Coffey. This recording from 1983 was never released in its entirety… until now! Sourced from the band’s mastertape and specially mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio. Including insert with scans of the original cassette, lyrics and liner notes. Watch the trailer HERE

Available on:

solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

diehard seablue/green vinyl limited to 100 copies

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