JUNTESS “Black days: 1988-1992” gatefold 2xLP+2xCD, SHOT GUN “1994-2003: stick to old-fashioned style” gatefold 2xLP+CD and ERIEZA ROYAL & THE SUMMARY LYNCH “The unconquered – extended edition” LP out now, ASBESTOS and BRAINSTORM sold out on preorder!

It’s April 20th and in perfect timing on what was announced, we are glad to report that 5 x new F.O.A.D. releases are out today and 2 of them got sold out on preorder!! More specifically, JUNTESSBlack days: 1988-1992” gatefold 2xLP+2xCD, SHOT GUN1994-2003: stick to old-fashioned style” gatefold 2xLP+CD and ERIEZA ROYAL & THE SUMMARY LYNCHThe unconquered – extended edition” LP are available now (only the black vinyl version left) while ASBESTOSThe final solution….” LP and BRAINSTORMMilosevic is dead” Tape have been blown away in no-time with preorders, as always thanks to all you maniacs for the great support and attention on what we are putting out every month.  Keep an eye on the F.O.A.D. news in the times to come because we are making up for the backlog of the second half of the past year and we have some crazily full monthly schedules to be revealed soon.

All your preorders have been mailed already and updated with tracking numbers, be patient and you’ll have the records in your hands soon. As mentioned before, we still have copies of JUNTESS, SHOT GUN and ERIEZA ROYAL & THE SUMMARY LYNCH on black vinyl, they’re going quickly and there aren’t many left, so if you still haven’t got them, this is the last chance from us otherwise you can try through our usual distributors worldwide.

More in detail:

JUNTESS “Black days: 1988-1992” gatefold 2xLP+2xCD (F.O.A.D. 265)

Black days 1988-1992: complete singles, demo and live collection“. Combining the best elements of classic Japanese Hardcore with a scorching Metal-infused guitar work as well as a solid rocking vibe, JUNTESS stands as one of the most underrated bands of the late ’80s to early ’90s wave of Tokyo HC. This ultra exhaustive anthology finally makes justice to the quality and originality of their music, collecting all their existing recordings: singles, compilation tracks, the rare “not for sale” demo 1989 and a very complete selection of live material, except the album “Under the red moon” that was already reissued on F.O.A.D. in 2017. A maniacal collection that reconstructs their history from the very first days to the final show: 1988 to 1992. Double LP + 2x extra bonus CDs, for a total of 86 SONGS! Comes in a thick gatefold jacket with OBI strip and 12 page full colored booklet with rare photos, flyers, biographical notes and scans of their complete discography. Detailed contents: “Knells for the past” 7″, “You were free” 7″, Split 7″ with Doctor and the Crippens, “Not for sale” studio/live tape, songs from “The bottom rise up to the top” v.a. flexi 8″, songs from “Kakumei – best run fast” v.a. LP, songs from “Kiss my ass” v.a. tape, songs from “Office L.M.” v.a. tape, songs from “Who’s chained up to the dogs of outrage!!” v.a. LP.  Bonus CD1: Demo and early gigs 1988-1989 / Bonus CD2: live 1991-1992 including the final show (mostly soundboard recordings). Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies

SHOT GUN “1994-2003: stick to old-fashioned style” gatefold 2xLP+CD (F.O.A.D. 259)

The true spirit of Sapporo City Hardcore in the ‘90s… fast, intense and raging to the bone! Their most complete discography to date (83 songs!!) compiling all their existing recordings including demos, split releases, compilation tracks, 7”s, unreleased tracks and live plus a fantastic pre-SHOT GUN studio session from their rare early band WARSAW. Furious female fronted screaming aggression delivered by veterans of the SC-HC scene (members of F.U.P., CHINPIRA, BARRICADE, SLANG and more!). This is pure no frills Hardcore the way it has to be, hard to make a comparison but on the infinite universe of Japanese bands some parts remind of Systematic Death and The Comes, and if you want to take it on an international level, Los Crudos come to mind… Double LP housed in a high glossy gatefold jacket with OBI strip + bonus CD, sticker and 16 page full coloured booklet with rare photos and scans of their entire discography. As the band says: “Stick to old-fashioned style“!!  Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies

ERIEZA ROYAL & THE SUMMARY LYNCH “The unconquered – extended edition” LP (F.O.A.D. 261)

All female aggro Punk attack from Tokyo produced by Atsuo (BORIS)! Straightforward all girl crude Punk starring the eclectic force of Erieza Royal, previously in 穴奴隷 (Ana Do Rei), Ecodamned and many other bands! This LP comprises their rabid Hardcore Punk oriented “The unconquered” EP with an unreleased bonus track plus the 2018 tour EP leaning more towards poppy Punk Rock territories in a Japanese way. Both recordings have never been released on vinyl to date. Quoting Atsuo (BORIS) himself: “Many years have passed since I met ERIEZA ROYAL & The Summary Lynch. I have helped them with recording, mixing, designing, etc. Erieza is also known as a feminist. This is how a woman and a man were able to create a wonderful work together. I think we could present new possibilities for the future. I hope that their overflowing love and power will reach the world“. Recommended to fans of Kyah, The Nurse, Nickey And The Warriors, MNK Project…  Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 150 copies

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