IGNORANTES “Parece que tuvimos demasiados hijitos” LP, SOUND OF DISASTER “Välfärd 1984-1985” LP,  NYX NEGATIV “Kalrshamns Punks 1981-1984” LP, RAW POWER “Mine to kill” Gatefold 2xLP and RATOS DE PORÃO “Necropolítica” Gatefold LP: preorders start NOW!!

If you thought that the last F.O.A.D. month was going to be the craziest of the year with 5 vinyl gems pitting ultra-underground bands from Japan and Colombia, you ain’t seen nothing yet… because what we’re going to introduce today is literally a mindblowing hardcore royal flush and with no doubt one of the most destructive (and exhausting for us) schedules of recent memory. Once again 5 x vinyl releases – 4 single LPs and 1 double LP – consisting of a deadly selection of raw and thrashing heavyweights from countries that have already been well tested territories for F.O.A.D.: Chile, Sweden, Italy and Brazil. From Chile, the highly acclaimed fuzzed out punks IGNORANTES, from Sweden two crucial hardcore punk glories: SOUND OF DISASTER and NYX NEGATIV, from Italy none other than our brothers RAW POWER with a fantastic extended edition of one of their greatest abums and… last but not least, the LP version of RATOS DE PORÃO‘s brand new thrash granade “Necropolítica” many of you have been asking and waiting for. So to sum it all up: IGNORANTESParece que tuvimos demasiados hijitos” LP, SOUND OF DISASTERVälfärd 1984-1985” LP,  NYX NEGATIVKalrshamns Punks 1981-1984” LP, RAW POWERMine to kill” Gatefold 2xLP and RATOS DE PORÃONecropolítica” Gatefold LP are all available on preorder via !!

Note: this month’s out now date will be slightly later than usual because we will be away for a week at the Obscene Extreme Festival, so it may happen that we’ll be a little slower than usual to ship preorders even if as you know we will do the impossible to do everything in time. If you’re coming to the Obscene Extreme Festival, consider that all 5 of these releases will be premiered there so you can directly get them at the F.O.A.D. booth in the Grind Market area, as usual you’ll also find an infinite choice of vinyl, CDs, tapes and t-shirts ranging from hardcore punk, grind and noisecore, metal of all sorts and everything you are dreaming of ultrafast and thrashing hard! For any enquiries and reservations you can contact us at !! As usual we strongly recommend you to act fast if you want to catch the diehard colored vinyl versions of this new batch, they’re very limited and expected to go very quickly.

More in detail about each release:

IGNORANTES “Parece que tuvimos demasiados hijitos” LP (F.O.A.D. 260)

Raw, uncompromised nihilism from Chile’s premier fuzzed out hardcore punks! After multiple cassette only releases and 2 x 7″s here’s their first time on 12″… 13 tracks of snotty angry punk blending the simplistic in-your-face aggression of typical Latino-American taste with a noisy distorted approach recalling 80’s Japanese and British classics (Gai, Confuse, Chaos UK, Disorder). IGNORANTES stands above as one of the current gems of punk, their sound and attitude are totally spontaneous and out of the guts, without any ambition or intention. Quoting the singer Gabriel: “In the beginning we didn’t even try to go out and play. The idea was just to record once and that was it. Then we enjoyed the process of recording six or eight songs and that’s how it all started.” LP with large 6-panel foldout insert and lyric sheet.  Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard half-half splatter vinyl limited to 150 copies

SOUND OF DISASTER “Välfärd 1984-1985” LP (F.O.A.D. 263)

The first ever official discography of this classic, highly influential Swedish Hardcore unit (hailing from the small town of Mjölby), licensed by the band’s singer Göran Lind! All their studio recordings 1984-85 + a rare unreleased rehearsal from 1984. Contents:  – s/t 7″EP (1985) / – “Speak Swedish or die” 7″EP (recorded in 1985) / – Demo May 1984 / – Rehearsal December 1984. 28 songs of rapid, destructive Scandicore mangel oozing crudeness and relentless anger from start to finish, one of the most legendary bands in the first wave of Swedish HC right there with Anti Cimex, Mob 47, Totalitär, Crude SS, Avskum, Asocial… Comes with poster and booklet including rare photos and scans of the original 7″s.  Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

Diehard half-half vinyl (black/beer clear) limited to 150 copies

NYX NEGATIV “Kalrshamns Punks 1981-1984” LP (F.O.A.D. 268)

Another Swedish punk gem brought back to life by your F.O.A.D. maniacs!! Formed in 1980, after a few line-up changes NN quickly headed to a much rougher direction turning their sound into a manic raw punkasfuck barrage. Complete discography compiling all their existing recordings also including the rare “No morals” 7″ never reissued up to now! 25 songs consisting of: – Demo 1983 / – “No morals” 7″ (1984) / – Songs from “Rockslaget” v.a. 3xLP (1982) / – Live 1983 / – unreleased track… from classic two-fingers-in-the-air punk to a faster Swedish hardcore approach! 24 page A4 book with liner notes, scans of the original releases and of the fanzine styled booklet that came with their demo 1983. Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies

Diehard half-half vinyl (black/grey) limited to 150 copies

RAW POWER “Mine to kill” Gatefold 2xLP (F.O.A.D. 081)

Official reissue of RP’s iconic 4th album from 1989 adding as bonus LP the incredible lost&found 1st studio take (12 TRACKS!) recorded in Italy still with Helder on drums, available for the first time on vinyl! Another uppercut in the jaws showing RP at the top of the game crossovering their manic riff-oriented Hardcore with the most intense and raging Thrash assault. Together with the incredible masterpiece “Screams from the gutter” this is hands down the fastest and tightest delivery in the band’s discography of the first decade. As for all their previous releases on F.O.A.D., this has been scrupulously remastered from the 1st generation master at Toxic Basement studio, taking the original dynamics and sonic impact to the most powerful and energetic stage. As explained by the band: RAW POWER began the recording of “Mine to kill” in Italy, at Umbi Studio, and when it came to an end there were discussions about the final product. The decision to re-record the album in England with a different producer saw Helder leave, the one most satisfied with the work they had just ended, and having already had a brief live experience with the other boys, Fabiano Bianco (Bloody Riot / Raff) replaced him on drums. The fourth album came out and the previous version was trashed. The bonus LP added to this version was what would have been “Mine to kill” at the beginning, feeling like the first real attempt to change the style and understanding even more how the personalities within Raw Power differed between them, something that has always characterized the band from any other reality”. Of those 12 tracks, 4 are completely unreleased as they haven’t been re-recorded on the final version of the album, and they simply kill! Raw, aggressive and dizzyingly precise Hardcore from Italy’s most iconic band of the unforgettable “furious years“! Comes in a thick gatefold sleeve with insert including rare photos and flyers of that time. Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl (purple on blue) limited to 150 copies

RATOS DE PORÃO “Necropolítica” Gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 275)

The return of Brazil’s undisputed Thrash-Punk masters! 8 years after the acclaimed “Seculo sinistro“, RxDxPx are back with another slab of relentless, intense and socially engaged Crossover Thrash in their unmistakeable style, this time with a stronger-than-ever political message reflecting their absolute contempt against the authoritarian government that has plagued Brazil in recent years. Musically, with a career spanning through 5 decades, RATOS DE PORAO show no sign of weakening and reconfirm themselves as the absolute champions of South American Hardcore! 10 songs full of Metal and Punk mayhem keeping it fresh and dynamic at the same time, led by Jao’s manic riffing and Gordo’s massive, vitriolic shouts of rage. With no doubts the world’s most famous basement rats have nailed it another time with a devastating album, still sounding exciting and relevant, which is an amazing achievement in Punk that most other bands of that age can’t claim! Housed in a full glossy gatefold jacket with 12″x12″ booklet.  Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies

Diehard half-half vinyl (black/red) limited to 150 copies

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