ATROCITY “Infected + early demos” gatefold 2xLP, TYFOON “Criminal death – discography 1987-1992” LP and X-CRETA “We will thrash you!! Demos & Live 1984-1986” LP+CD out now on FOAD Records!!

Here we are! Even through these hard times we’re delighted to arrive with perfect timing on the release date of our 3 new vinyl outrages, as announced – they had to start shipping on November 23rd and… surprise, all your preorders have been sent already! There’s not much to add to what we had already said in the previous post: our brain-melting recipe for November consist of two ’80s Belgian Thrash landmines and a classic Death/Grind milestone from the States: ATROCITYInfected + early demos” gatefold 2xLP, TYFOONCriminal death – discography 1987-1992” LP and X-CRETAWe will thrash you!! Demos & Live 1984-1986” LP+CD are all out now on F.O.A.D. Records! The diehard editions of Tyfoon and Atrocity have been wiped out on preorder and we are at the last 10 copies of X-Creta on swirl magenta vinyl, so move fast if you want to catch one. Black vinyl versions (180 grams) are still all available at the links you will find in the descriptions below.

ATROCITY “Infected + early demos” Gatefold 2xLP + insert (F.O.A.D. 205)

Smashing in your fucking skull, like a ripe fruit – Brain begins to haemorrage, it’s breaking at the root“!! The grinding masterpiece “Infected” by Connecticut’s sonic butchers ATROCITY turns 30 and gets a special quality centered re-release on F.O.A.D. Records, enriched by an extra LP featuring two early Demotapes (1986-1987)! These blood-thirsty maniacs were responsible for some of nastiest Death/Grind, perfectly combining the unmatched intensity of the ’80s US Death Metal tradition with terrifying old school Grindcore fury. The first comparison that comes to mind when “Infected” starts to rip your turntable to shreds is obviously REPULSION! This double LP includes an extended version of “Infected” adding a bonus alternate version of the song “Infected” that was only included on their “Hatred birth” EP and their two demos “Toxic death” (1987) and “Ravaged by disease” (1987). 32 SONGS of gut-mangling Death/Grind brutality! Housed in a gatefold jacket displaying rare photos and original artworks, also including an insert with zine excerpts and an interesting interview focused on the band’s early years. Watch the trailer HERE

Infected” LP + extra alternate track from “Hatred birth” EP
Toxic death” Demo (1986)
Ravaged by disease” Demo 1987

Solid black vinyl (180 GRAMS) limited to 300 copies


TYFOON “Criminal death” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 211)

Violent Death/Thrashing onslaught from the darkest alleys of the ’80s Belgian Underground…  TYFOON‘s two and only Demotapes “The end” (1987) and “The edge of violence” (1992) for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the band’s sources.   Caustic and aggressive death-tinged Thrash Metal that recalls the mid ’80s Teutonic school of titans like Kreator and Sodom!! If we were to rank our favorite Belgian demos of that era, “The end” is undoubtedly in the top five with its nonstop fast, raw and desecrating delivery. And to complete the F.O.A.D. quality-treatment this LP comes with a massive full colored booklet filled with rare photos, flyers, memorabilia and biographical notes. Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl (180 GRAMS) limited to 200 copies


X-CRETA “We will thrash you!! Demos & Live 1984-1986” LP+CD+insert (F.O.A.D. 207)

A killing collection of rare X-CRETA recordings (demos, rehearsals and live) prior to their smashing debut full length “Patronizing the Heterodox“. Formed in 1983, these Belgian Thrashcore gunners were responsible for some of the fiercest, stripped down, and energetic type of Crossover/Thrash, not far removed from the early releases by Voivod, but faster. At the top of their riff driven assault, some of the sickest vitriolic vocals around at the time, think of the sickest clash between Kreator‘s Mille Petrozza and Sid Migx of CCM. This F.O.A.D. anthology traces the early steps of the band starting from the primordial, pure Hardcore approach on their demo 1984 “13 recepten voor en hersenbloeding” and song from “Alle 55 kort” – both sounding quite close to their legendary country fellows Zyklome-A – and moving to the solid Speed/Thrashcore assault that followed with their demo 1985, “We will thrash you!!“. All the stuff included has been sourced from extremely rare tapes provided by our inner circle of friends-collectors and scrupulously remastered to keep the original rawness and intensity.  Bonus CD with live rehearsals, insert with photos, flyers and original tapes’ art. Watch the trailer HERE

“13 recepten voor en hersenbloeding” Demo 1984
Song from “Alle 55 kort” compilation Tape 1984
“We will Thrash you!!” Demo 1985
Live and rehearsals 1985-1986

Available in two different versions:

Diehard swirl magenta vinyl (180 GRAMS) limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl (180 GRAMS) limited to 200 copies

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