ANGEL DEATH “Memoirs of death: the history 1986-1995” gatefold 2xLP, XASTHUR “Hidden lore” LP and SCHIZO “Delayed Death – 1984/1989 The Years Of Collapse” 2xCD digipack out now on F.O.A.D. Records!!

Another deathly round of F.O.A.D. releases in the books! With perfect timing, we’re honored to announce that the following titles have just been delivered from the pressing plant: ANGEL DEATHMemoirs of death: the history 1986-1995” gatefold 2xLP, XASTHURHidden lore” LP and SCHIZO “Delayed Death – 1984/1989 The Years Of Collapse” 2xCD digipack… two pioneering Italian Death/Thrash slaughterers vs a hidden gem of demonic Black/Thrash cruelty from Singapore. We’re starting to pack up all your preorders right now, planning to ship the most by the end of this week. There are still some copies left of the diehard swirl vinyl versions (you can see some photos below), act fast as they won’t last for long. Also, stay tuned because our schedule for March is guaranteed to drive you crazy!

More in detail about each release:

ANGEL DEATH “Memoirs of death: the history 1986-1995” Gatefold 2xLP (F.O.A.D. 208)

Hailing from Rieti, central Italy, ANGEL DEATH is one of the most feared and ancient names in the Italian Death Metal scene, formed in 1984 and active until 1995.  This total discography collection on F.O.A.D. Records is a dream-come-true for a lot of infernal maniacs that for years have hoped to see all the ominous recordings of this band collected on one release. Malicious, satanic Death/Black assault of the most aggressive form! Double LP compiling their entire discography 1985-1996 including their “Death to Christianity” Demo 1986, s/t Demo 1991, “Gore (Blood of war)” EP (1992), “Exorcisin’ the pain / Desire for immortality” EP (1992) and bonus tracks… A total overview on their bloody history starting with their raw and primitive first Demo and developing into a grinding assault of merciless brutality topped by those seriously disturbing vocals oozing a feeling of ruthlessness and pure evil.

Originally signed by Deathlike Silence Productions as part of a string of ten releases that never saw the light (also including Abruptum, Sigh, Monumentum etc.) Sourced from the band’s studio masters, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Pressed on180 gram vinyl!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on marbled gold/red vinyl limited to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies


XASTHUR (Sgp) “Hidden lore” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 212)

After being 3 years in the works, here’s finally the official reissue of the only Demo by this demonic Black/Thrash horde from Singapore, originally released on tape in 1994 and revered by maniacs as a hidden gem of absolute cult… Ripped straight from the band’s master reels and pressed on 180 gram vinyl to ensure the fiercest sonic impact! Fanzine styled 16 page booklet with lots of never seen before pictures, flyers and exclusive interview. Raw, sinister Black Metal that combines the old school Singaporean sound with influences that recall the ’80s South American Death/Thrash hell! For fans (and with members!) of early IMPIETY and ABHORER.

Front cover art by Chris Moyen (originally supposed to be a t-shirt that never came out).  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on smokey clear vinyl limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies


SCHIZO  “Delayed Death – 1984/1989 The Years Of Collapse” 2xCD Digipack (F.O.A.D. 206)

Ultra fucking FAST Sicilian Thrash-core assault!! The most exhaustive SCHIZO early days’ collection you can dream about. A deluxe Double CD set compiling the following:

CD 1 – “Main frame collapse” album (1989)

CD 2 –  “Before the collapse 1985-1987” Demo collection consisting of:  “MFC” Demo (1987) / “Total Schizophrenia” Demo (1986) / “Thrash the unthrashable, thrash to kill” Demo (1985) / Bonus rehearsals (1985)

31 songs of what was with no doubt one of the most deranged, fast and original Extreme Metal acts in the Italian scene of the ’80s.  If you also count in the early stuff by their brothers-in-mayhem Necrodeath, these were the first examples of hyper-speed driven thrashin’ Death Metal from Italy, that in more simple words equals “the first blast beats to ever land on the Italian Metal territories“. All these treasures mastered from the best sounding 1st generation sources provided and approved by the band.

This monsterwork portrays in the most effective way the band’s evolution from their nihilistic thrashing Hardcore roots to the sadistic nerve ripping sonic torment of their “Total schizophrenia” Demo (mentioned by Max Cavalera as one of the reasons why he choose “Schizophrenia” as title for Sepultura‘s 2nd masterpiece) to their absolute cult debut “Main Frame Collapse“. Fans of ultra fast blasting Thrash a la Wehrmacht, early Sadus, Merciless, Sarcofago… this is a must have!  Housed in a 8 panel digipack including two booklets for a total of 40 pages full of rare photos, flyers, scans of the original tapes and lyrics!  Watch the trailer HERE

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